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  1. In fact, I noticed that if I leave Aida64 allocated all the memory (+ 98%), I have an error after a few seconds, if I leave that ~ 95% I have no error
  2. Stress Test AVX512

    Ok thanks I can only test in AVX2 (without AVX512)
  3. It's good for the times, it runs normally (there is no lag), thanks Still 98% of the memory used, for the moment, we launch several program that consumes memory, launch the Stress Test and we close the programs, like that, all the ram is not used (~90%) and the PC remains "accessible"
  4. Stress Test AVX512

    Ok, thanks tested with and without AVX, it works very well
  5. Okay, I'm testing this tonight or tomorrow morning Memory allocation is improved or is there an option to choose the % of memory to allocate ? Thanks for your great work
  6. Stress Test AVX512

    Okay, I'm testing this tonight or tomorrow morning If I disable AVX512, it disables "all" AVX, is it ? Thanks for your great work
  7. Ok thanks I will wait until it has changed, I tested today and the window remained "frozen" for 5 minutes (indicated "not responding" in the title bar) I check by moving the mouse to be sure that it is not the PC that has frozen
  8. Thanks for trying to solve this "problem" I do not know how it is "coded" but why not use the same method as HCI Memtest or Ram test (or even Realbench) There is no lag with these Stress test Besides, I noticed that if I use one of these Stress tests and that System Stability Test of Aida64 is open (without launching the stress of Aida64), the window System Stability Test lag (for the refresh of temperatures, voltages, etc ...) But not windows of other Stress Test Thanks
  9. Stress Test AVX512

    Ok thanks
  10. Stress Test AVX512

    My CPU is @ 4600, AVX2 @ 4200 and the AVX512 @ 3600 And I wanted to be able to test the CPU @ 4600 (without AVX so) and the rest of the configuration But it's true that I do not care a bit about the AVX512, no application I know uses this instruction But I'm waiting for this application to be "modified" (for the memory among others) before reusing it It's really annoying that lag time until 1mn, I never know if it's a freeze of the OC or if it's the Stresstest that froze
  11. Stress Test AVX512

    Ok, all the "tests" have been modified with the AVX512 It's not possible to test without AVX
  12. I tested with my laptop, little CPU and 8GB of ram and Windows 10 No "lapse of time" during memory allocation Maybe this Stress Test better manages small configurations
  13. Stress Test AVX512

    Hardly I press Start for stress, the PC freezes or BSOD even without the FPU test (no AVX I guess) or just the test Memory and Cache No problem with the last beta Why, OC unstable ? Apart from adding the AVX512, there are also other things ?
  14. Hello With the latest Aida64, I guess it's the FPU option that tests in AVX512 with Skylake-X Does it automatically test in "AVX512" ? No option to just use the AVX2 (like before) or AVX512 ? Thanks