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  1. Hello is it possible to add the Power value of cores ? Just 1 line, the value of the cores is the same from what I tested with SIV If SVID is disabled in the bios, the Power value is distorted, but those of the cores are good See screen SIV and Aida64 Thanks
  2. Rampage VI Extreme, as indicated in title Thanks
  3. I had tested with SIV launched at the same time as the stress test of Aida64 (more information on consumptions, etc ...) and no weird temperature/voltage with SIV
  4. But with other monitoring software I do not have this problem This is related to Aida64's stress test and its monitoring ?
  5. Hello Small bug with voltage probes in Aida64 I thought it was a problem of Asus, but all other monitoring shows good values Aida64 HWInfo In HWInfo, I do not know which 3V corresponds at +3.3v Stanby Thanks
  6. Ok for the version of Windows 10, I did not know Yes I enable EC bank switching Thanks
  7. Ok for the "bumpy" phase after the start of tests I never had this "problem" with the X99 (same amount of ram) For the probes problem, I have never used and therefore installed AI Suite or other Asus software During the test, only System Stability Test is open (no software in the background) Thanks
  8. Hello With Rampage VI Extreme and System Stability Test, I have bugs with probes reading during the tests As on the Screen, the temperature 1 indicated 201°C, but it is 24°C in reality For VRM, I had the same thing, minimum temperature 1°C (not visible on this screen) And also, when I run the tests, Aida seems to be "blocked" after a few seconds and after 20 seconds to 1mn, it's good, the temperatures and voltages "vary" and the "Elapsed Time" goes Thanks
  9. Monitoring Rampage VI Extreme

    Asrock software reads DIMMs correctly (A1, B1, etc ...) Maybe see to use the same method, if possible ?
  10. Monitoring Rampage VI Extreme

    Ok, if there are tests to do, I can do them
  11. Monitoring Rampage VI Extreme

    But for this motherboard, it's only Skylake-X, there is still a problem ? it will have to be like any Rampage Extreme , right ?
  12. Monitoring Rampage VI Extreme

    Okay, and an idea of when the probes (labels) can be "customize" ? And for DIMMs, no solution then ?
  13. Monitoring Rampage VI Extreme

    It will be good already an idea of when it will be done ? Although it's weird to have water pumps, etc ... in the fans EDIT: I had thought for the Watercooling section, so as not to overload the scan of the Sensor window, maybe add the option in the "Preferences" Those who do not have Watercooling probes, do not activate this option and the scan is not slowed down