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  1. tistou77

    secondary NVMe temperatures

    It's good, same than 4976 Thanks so much
  2. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    So, no problem
  3. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    There is a sensor for the controller and a sensor for the processor (or something like that), So normal that it is not the same temperatures
  4. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    I showed the Sensor page to other people, they are very happy
  5. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    Ok thanks, it's good
  6. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    It's great like that You have added an option for those who would like to have the indication °F in addition to °C ? Personally, it's very much like that and much more readable and understandable Thanks so much
  7. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    Thanks so much
  8. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    It is true that I have always been used to the page Sensor, which suits me I will test for OSDItem_ Some asked me (and me too) if you will do this or not I told them that you were looking for a solution to satisfy everyone, to make them wait Thanks
  9. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    I wanted to test the OSD, I gave up after 4 items, much too long to configure I stay with the page Sensor and the old beta (like the others who had contacted me)
  10. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    I tried to use Sensor Panel, but it soon "bothered me" I do not think it's possible to have groups In OSD all the values are mixed, and I did not want to "look for" the values I wanted It should be "Move Up" or "Down" to sort each values After that if there was an option for the Sensor Panel to open at the same time as Aida64, maybe I can get used to it but without certainty
  11. tistou77

    consumption (W) of GPU

    Ok thanks
  12. tistou77

    consumption (W) of GPU

    Hello You can not use the same as GPU-Z (unless it is a proper function to GPU-Z) ?
  13. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    In fact, I have always been used to the Sensor page (me and others), when we need it, we open Aida64, the Sensor are listed and separated by values (temperatures, voltages, etc ...) and we only have an open window. With the OSD Panel, open Aida64 (reduce it if needed) and use keyboard shortcuts to open the OSD Panel, too long For the customization of the Sensor page, we do it the first time and then we do not touch it anymore. What I do with each new update, I edit the language file, replace the items "fans" by "Watercooling" to have the group Watercooling for water pumps, etc ... (and I share my file language) Old habits are hard Thanks
  14. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    Yes, that's why we do not use the OSD Panel, etc ... since we must first launch Aida64, we use the sensor page (faster)
  15. tistou77

    nvme temps?

    Except error on my part, to use this kind of features it is necessary that Aida64 is "launched" all the time ? It's been a long time since I've tested