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  1. Is that the maximum GPU temperature or it is the package as we have on the CPUs (1st time I see this) ? The temperature does not vary while that of the GPU varies a little depending on the use
  2. Hello This temperature corresponds to what ? Thanks
  3. Hello With the latest beta version, there is a small translation bug With the French language, "Cooling Fans" and "Voltage Values" are well translated at the opening, then immediately reverts to the English version Thanks
  4. Ok thanks, With the Rampage VI Extreme Encore, I no longer have this value, it's good for me (no real need to have it)
  5. Hi In Files => Preference => Hardware Monitoring
  6. Ok, I thought it was for the Uncore Offset, the value is approaching Thanks
  7. Hi The CPU PLL value is for ? I can't find a match in the bios I was thinking about the Uncore Offset, but that's not it Thanks
  8. Hello Exactly the same problem (1st post) for DIMMs and Rampage VI Extreme Encore Thanks smbusdump_full.txt
  9. Ah I understand, the good value is CPU package CPU value does not match anything Unlike SIV64X or other monitoring, Aida64 does not indicate the correct value (CPU Package) if the SVID option is not enabled
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