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  1. Ok thanks, With the Rampage VI Extreme Encore, I no longer have this value, it's good for me (no real need to have it)
  2. Hi In Files => Preference => Hardware Monitoring
  3. Ok, I thought it was for the Uncore Offset, the value is approaching Thanks
  4. Hi The CPU PLL value is for ? I can't find a match in the bios I was thinking about the Uncore Offset, but that's not it Thanks
  5. Hello Exactly the same problem (1st post) for DIMMs and Rampage VI Extreme Encore Thanks smbusdump_full.txt
  6. Ah I understand, the good value is CPU package CPU value does not match anything Unlike SIV64X or other monitoring, Aida64 does not indicate the correct value (CPU Package) if the SVID option is not enabled
  7. The 300W is good for 4600ghz It is impossible that an 18 cores "consumes" 125W at 4600ghz
  8. It must be the maximum "full" CPU consumption @ 4.6ghz = 300W @ 4.1ghz 250W The other monitoring reports 300W too Just Aida64 which is too low (125W)
  9. Hello Is it possible to have the power value "correctly" like SIV 64 (The highest value) ? Thanks
  10. Hello In Computer/Overclock, the ID of RTX2080ti is not good It's OK with GPU-Z I don't think this has an impact on the rest, but in doubt Thanks nvidiasmbusdump.txt
  11. Ok thanks, I tested with other sites and I am at the maximum of my connection The problem just appears with Aida64 Just with the download of Aida64, the speed is the same
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