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  1. Hello OK thanks anyway
  2. Hello Since Intel updated the microcode for these Skylake-X CPUs, the TJMax has gone from 105° to 110° And the temperature of the cores, CPU package, etc ... is also increased It looks like it's a mistake reading temperatures Do you have any idea about this "behavior" ? Thanks
  3. tistou77

    Water In sensor (Asus Rampage VI)

    Thanks Good news and good luck
  4. tistou77

    Water In sensor (Asus Rampage VI)

    Hello Fiery, happy New Year You started working on it ? Thanks
  5. tistou77

    Water In sensor (Asus Rampage VI)

    Hello it's slightly progressing or not yet ? Thanks
  6. tistou77

    consumption (W) of GPU

    Ok thanks and good luck for this
  7. tistou77

    Option with Asus motherboard

    Ok, thanks
  8. Hello With Asus Motherboard (Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme), it's better to activate the option "SMBus access through ACPI (Asus Motherboard)" in Preferences/Stability ? Thanks
  9. tistou77

    consumption (W) of GPU

    Hello Is it possible to add the consumption (W) of graphics cards in Computer/Sensor ? As shown in GPU-Z or other monitoring software Thanks
  10. tistou77

    GPGPU and RTX 2080

    Ok thanks for the explanation
  11. Hello It's normal that the score of Double-Precision Mandel is higher with GTX 1080 than with RTX 2080 ? Thanks
  12. tistou77

    Water In sensor (Asus Rampage VI)

    So the best I think and to avoid too much problem - Limit the movement in the same group (temperature, voltages, etc ...) if too complicated to move to another group - Hide an item (temperature, voltage) with the right click - Rename a group To add a group and move items in this group, it seems complicated ? After to avoid adding groups, just create the groups that are needed Watercooling group for pumps, flowmeter, etc ... For fans, there is already a group, the same for temperatures and voltages Thanks
  13. tistou77

    Water In sensor (Asus Rampage VI)

    Ok thanks, good news
  14. tistou77

    Water In sensor (Asus Rampage VI)

    Yes I doubt that with the number of components, the sensors are very numerous Indeed, "re-arranging items" will be a good idea, a drag & drop ? Thanks for your great work