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  1. Hello I thought about the problem of colors and lines in the graph It will not be possible to add 2 lines, eg (for temperatures) in the "Statistics" tab but not to add them in the "Temperatures" tab ? Me, I never look at this tab, the lines are really too tight And all the screens that I can see on the forums, there are never tabs "Temperatures", etc ... Only "Statistics"
  2. Good news Thanks
  3. Ah ok, I thought it was simple to implement Too bad, I'll leave like that. If one day you decide to add this option
  4. Thanks so much, works very well And will there be any constraints to rename some sensor ? Because it must be "simple" to implant, no ? And those who want to rename, rename and those who do not want to, leave as it is Aida64 is really a great software, I only use this app, just this "renaming" that I find boring
  5. Thanks for the explanation It is not possible to add this "source of the reading" if an Aquaero or other is "detected" ? I asked to rename because I do not use OSD Panel or other, but much the window of the "System Stability test" for test or windows of monitoring And in my configuration, this temperature # 1 corresponds to the temperature of the water, and it is true that I would have preferred to indicated "WATER" or something like this
  6. Hello Since some versions, the monitoring of the temperature #1 is indicated motherboard in parenthesis It can be confusing and think that the temperature of the motherboard I guess it's to differentiate with other temperatures on the external card (temperature #2, etc...), but maybe just the information for these latter would not suffice ? Or the ability to change the name of the temperature (very simple to add as an option) right click => rename, eg Thanks
  7. You're welcome
  8. It's better, I was forced to "Refresh" 1 time Same for the SPD
  9. It's ok with the Refresh button Waiting for a possible resolution
  10. Yes, made by Corsair Kit 4x4Gb 3733mhz at 3200mhz
  11. Ok thanks For information, I never had a problem with a kit 4x4Gb, only with 4x8Gb
  12. If you can not solve the problem, maybe the re "Detecting sensor information" will be redone by clicking the Refresh button
  13. Here is the debug My memory is at 3200mhz (kit 3200mhz) I do not use other monitoring software running in the background like AI Suite smbusdump_full.txt
  14. Bizarre, with ohter monitoring (HWinfo, etc...) no problem for the Sensor DIMM
  15. Hi I downloaded the latest beta (4056), the new option work ? Refresh works for the SPD, etc ... But not for the Sensor and I'm still forced to close and re launch Aida64 Thanks