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  1. Hello Just to give my opinion on the icons "voltages", etc..., I preferred the older (black Lightning)
  2. Hello I would like to center the main window of "AIDA64" compared to the PC screen, in the register how can I change the key "WindowsPos" and "WindowsSize" ? Thanks
  3. Ok, thanks for the explanation
  4. Hello I noticed that with the Rampage V Edition 10, was missing some voltage compared to the Rampage V Extreme (see screen) R5E R5E10 Thanks
  5. Could you explain to these values, I do not really understand I find 16.00A of the "Current Value" really "up" Thanks
  6. its good These values correspond to what exactly
  7. Here the requested file ecdump.txt Thanks
  8. Hello With the latest version of hwinfo we have the CPU Current and Power (SVID disabled) on X99 Possible to have it with Aida64 ? Thanks
  9. It's good Thanks so much for your great work
  10. Ok I can test if you want Thanks
  11. For DIMM, I can say a silliness, but it is not possible to retrieve the information by the SPD?
  12. Thank you but I do not use it
  13. Ok, thank you for the explanation The simplest would be to "personalize" the names of the DIMM, sensors, etc ... in "Sensor" but I know it's not conceivable