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  1. Hello With the last beta, the value of Flow Meter is not good (x20 too high) for Rampage VI Extreme Indicated 4100 LPH while the pump is only 1500 LPH (and the good value is around 150 LPH) Aida64 : SIV : As indicated by PM, if it's to leave as is, don't bother adding it This value is duplicates that indicated in Cooling Fan and is not User Friendly at all, compared to SIV for example (where it doesn't bother anyone to have RPM and LPH "together") Thanks
  2. Field Value Sensor Properties Sensor Type Nuvoton NCT6796D (ISA A00h) GPU Sensor Type Diode (NV-Diode) Motherboard Name Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Chassis Intrusion Detected No Temperatures Motherboard 30 °C CPU 29 °C CPU Package 30 °C CPU #1 / Core #1 25 °C CPU #1 / Core #2 21 °C CPU #1 / Core #3 21 °C CPU #1 / Core #4 21 °C CPU #1 / Core #5 23 °C CPU #1 / Core #6 22 °C CPU #1 / Core #7 19 °C CPU #1 / Core #8 21 °C CPU #1 / Core #9 24 °C CPU #1 / Core #10 23 °C CPU #1 / Core #11 20 °C CPU #1 / Core #12 22 °C CPU #1 / Core #13 21 °C CPU #1 / Core #14 22 °C CPU #1 / Core #15 22 °C CPU #1 / Core #16 20 °C CPU #1 / Core #17 20 °C CPU #1 / Core #18 23 °C PCH 49 °C PCH Diode 50 °C Eau 25 °C VRM 30 °C GPU 2080ti 26 °C DIMM-A1 32 °C DIMM-B1 35 °C DIMM-C1 35 °C DIMM-D1 35 °C Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1To 39 °C / 38 °C Intel Optane 905P 380Go 40 °C Cooling Fans Optane 905P 2947 RPM Water Pump #1 3857 RPM Water Pump #2 3857 RPM Water Flow 2763 RPM Voltage Values CPU Core 0.685 V CPU VID 0.681 V +3.3 V 3.392 V +5 V 5.120 V +12 V 12.384 V +3.3 V Standby 3.392 V VBAT Battery 3.200 V DIMM AB 1.376 V DIMM CD 1.376 V PCH Core 1.032 V CPU Cache 1.034 V VCCIN 1.888 V VCCIO 1.040 V VCCSA 0.832 V GPU Core 0.725 V Current Values CPU 17.00 A Power Values CPU 11.65 W CPU Package 1.16 W GPU TDP% 0% And the files : isasensordump.txt
  3. I did not understand. I just have 1 Flow rate in Computer / Sensor and it is always indicated in RPM Thanks
  4. Thank you so much Where is the option to change the RPM to L/H ?
  5. Too bad, it must not be possible to put this kind of thing with Aida64
  6. up Formula seems the same for all (rpm = *60/1000 for LPH)
  7. It is possible, with other monitoring software, it works very well It may be best to include a function to choose the desired formula, if you think the formulas may be different And if in this function, we could choose to indicate or not the probes, available in other software too Thanks
  8. Hello I come back with this post, the flow meter is connected to a plug 2 pin (for flow meter) on the Rampage VI Extreme Is it possible to have unity in LPH and not in RPM (as currently) ? in bios, it's indicated in L/M Thanks
  9. Yes, it's true, a little more But we really wish this features We tried the other options, and we have to open Aida64, to have the panel, not interresting and not user friendly for us
  10. Hello Still not a few minutes to integrate the drag and drop in the Sensor page ? Thanks
  11. Ok thanks I will put the fan on the fan controller, no monitoring
  12. Hello I put a fan on the Chassis #2 of the Asus Rampage VI Extreme, I disabled the Chassis #2 fan monitoring in the bios, but Aida64 still indicates the information It is not possible to disable Chassis # 2 in Aida64, since it is disabled in the bios ? Thanks
  13. Ah ok, Nvidia (if it's NVidia) you just communicate this "SKU" and that's it ?
  14. What will be for which graphics card ? The TU102 being for RTX2080ti (or Titan maybe)
  15. Hello In the changelog of the last beta, it is indicated GPU information for nVIDIA GeForce RTX T10-8 (TU102) It's a new 2080ti "Super" planned ? Thanks
  16. Yes I understand that it is not your priority because it will be "duplicate" with those who use OSD, etc ... Because setting up this drag & drop is pretty simple
  17. Hello Until we can move items into the category (if it's done) Will it be possible to move these "sensors" like that And to have Thanks
  18. We do not like Sensor Panel at all, OSD at a pinch
  19. Just tested "OSD", we do not like "Sensor Panel" We will wait to see if this to be modified in the Sensor page (moving items in the same section) Thanks
  20. I retest the OSD, it's true that I can do as I wish, but I still do not like the design Temperature, voltages, etc... not aligned in a column (as in the Sensor page) and even if there are colors, we can not have a space or a section to differentiate temperatures, voltages, etc... Nervermind
  21. Ok it does not matter, I stay with my current use, maybe this feature will be present one day or the other
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