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  1. Which kind of LCD screen is that? Is it attached somehow to the keyboard?
  2. KICS v2!! 800x480 as the v1 I'm sharing with you all my new KICS background (black and transparent) and the template to guide you in arranging the info. I wanted to include more info, specially voltage and TDP of CPU, GPU and RAM. Also wanted to arrange better the info. Give me your impressions, all comments will be very appreciate!
  3. Thanks! But I mean the NR200P MAX. Think is not already available for purchase...
  4. Nice setup. Any ideas on how would it be possible to fit a screen in the brand new NR200P MAX?
  5. Nice job mate! So clean and well distributed
  6. Some people are sending me DMs asking for my KICS panel. I suppose they see it on the popular posts at the right side of the webpage, being this post the first one I made related to this panel, kind of a preview. All the files can be found and downloaded here. Thanks everybody for your support! It's a pleasure to me having one of the most popular posts around here... Peace!
  7. The hero we didn't know we needed until he appeared!!!
  8. One of the most underrated posts around here... Congrats for the job mate!
  9. Yes! All the files are found here:
  10. Nice work. The simplest are usually also the cleanest and my favorite. Btw, may I give you and advice? Put the unit in the horizontal bars ;).
  11. Good job man!!! Specially because you are sharing a SensorPanel which is fully operational, a sometimes-forgotten rule in this forum... Buen trabajo!
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