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  1. Thanks, we are about to roll out an update this week, it will solve the above issue and also improve the support for new devices and the upcoming iOS11.
  2. Hi Of course, an update is scheduled to support new devices very soon. Thanks for the report.
  3. You can always find latest beta version with change log here: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xe
  4. You can enter the new product key right now, it will work until the end of the combined maintenance periods.
  5. For renewals please use the License Renewal page here: https://www.aida64.com/support/renewal You can enter the coupon code on the Checkout page. The new maintenance period will be added to your remaining time.
  6. With the new AIDA64 v5.80 we've created a new SensorPanel theme to try and demonstrate the new DPI awareness. As before we're making this theme available for download here so you guys can use it. Of course you can tinker with it to suit your needs, this may be required also for some system configuration as not all motherboards can report back power consumption or have the fans connected to different headers. With the current version you have to manually select the right high resolution images (background and badges) in SensorPanel Manager when using the SensorPanel in a high DPI environment. We'll implement automatic loading of high resolution images automatically in an upcoming beta version soon. Download from here: SensorPanel_v580.zip
  7. Hi, yes, we have noticed. Unfortunately Apple has decided to block this method we used to obtain the battery info.
  8. Edin, we'll try, as soon as there is a reliable way to get any more details of the battery we'll implement it.
  9. I've sent you your product key in a message here.
  10. Could you please describe your system config a bit to us, like CPU/Motherboard, what kind of disks, SSD-s you have and how it is configured (like RAID arrays etc).
  11. Well displaying this extended battery info on iOS is an undocumented method and I'm not sure about this won't be closed sooner or later and also this is only a read only access to this information so limiting the charging process is not possible with this. Anyway as I mentioned this is undocumented, we still collecting data from submitted reports to see how it works on different devices. For example there is a 2-3% difference between the reported capacity versus the capacity written on the battery and also it seems with new batteries the device charges it over the reported (and even the written) capacity. According to the reports we got, your 13% wear level and 235 cycles seems average.
  12. You can attach images after hitting the "More Reply Options" button under the reply box (next to Post button)
  13. Hi, Could you please attach a screen shot of the error?
  14. Hi, Please try Stability Test with factory default CPU and memory clock and voltages. If this eliminates the issue with AIDA64 test, then it means the overclock rate was too high.