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  1. Wrong Battery wear level on iPad Pro 10.5"

    Design capacity is a detected value but honestly I don't know how Apple is determining this value. We have numerous reports before iOS10 when we were able to detect these values too and in a device with relatively new battery, the design capacity was usually lower than maximum charge capacity. Here is an iPhone 6 from 2016 for example. It has 1810 mAh battery, the reported design capacity were 1751 mAh, the maximum charge was 1820 mAh. This is very usual with new batteries. If you have lower maximum charge than the physical battery capacity (the one that is written on the battery) then it means it has some wear level, but around 5% I think you don't have to worry much about it, these reported values are not from a certified measurement instrument so accuracy can vary.
  2. Wrong Battery wear level on iPad Pro 10.5"

    Interesting. If you check the iFixit teardown of this device, they found a 3.77 V, 8134 mAh, 30.8 Wh battery in it. We using this source as we cannot detect design capacity in iOS since iOS 10.
  3. CPU wattage meter (Core i7-5930K)

    Look for a CPU Package value on the Computer / Sensor page for CPU power consumption. Please note that not all CPU support this feature. The same applies to GPUs. Take a screen shot of your Sensor page and submit it here, we can give you a more detailed explanation when we actually see something more about your system.
  4. Hi, You should see something like this, what is available on your list? Did you change anything regarding your system configuration, internet access, network cards/routers?
  5. Hi There is a Ryzen 1800X in the results just update your AIDA64 to the latest beta version.
  6. CPU speed missing on iPhone 8 Plus

    Hi yes, we don't have any verified data about the clock speeds of the A11 chip. As soon as we have any accurate info, we'll update the database. Currently we seen one initial info about this, Geekbench measured it as 2.39 Ghz.
  7. Wrong Battery wear level on iPad Pro 10.5"

    Unfortunately to use CoconutBattery you need a Mac. It is a macOS application.
  8. apple pencil serial number iPad Pro

    Hey. Apple loves to deny and hide all serial and ID numbers from the sandbox where all apps can operate so I'm pretty sure it is not possible to reach such information but we'll check it out if it is possible or not.
  9. Wrong Battery wear level on iPad Pro 10.5"

    Hi Edstyler, According to teardowns, there is a 8134 mAh battery in the iPad Pro 10.5, and for some reason your device reporting back 7800 mAh. We have some submitted reports of higher battery capacity than yours. Please try to charge your device completely a few times, maybe your battery/charge controller needs some time to adjust. I agree that a 4% wear level for a new device like yours is seems high. Also please try coconut Battery on macOS to get detailed battery information from your device, it has more access rights than we have from an iOS app. http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/
  10. ipad pro II (2017)

    Thanks, we are about to roll out an update this week, it will solve the above issue and also improve the support for new devices and the upcoming iOS11.
  11. ipad pro II (2017)

    Hi Of course, an update is scheduled to support new devices very soon. Thanks for the report.
  12. You can always find latest beta version with change log here: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xe
  13. Subscription renewal

    You can enter the new product key right now, it will work until the end of the combined maintenance periods.
  14. Subscription renewal

    For renewals please use the License Renewal page here: https://www.aida64.com/support/renewal You can enter the coupon code on the Checkout page. The new maintenance period will be added to your remaining time.
  15. Share your SensorPanel

    With the new AIDA64 v5.80 we've created a new SensorPanel theme to try and demonstrate the new DPI awareness. As before we're making this theme available for download here so you guys can use it. Of course you can tinker with it to suit your needs, this may be required also for some system configuration as not all motherboards can report back power consumption or have the fans connected to different headers. With the current version you have to manually select the right high resolution images (background and badges) in SensorPanel Manager when using the SensorPanel in a high DPI environment. We'll implement automatic loading of high resolution images automatically in an upcoming beta version soon. Download from here: SensorPanel_v580.zip