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  1. Yes! A new version will be out soon with a fix.
  2. The update with the proper XMM chipset models will be available soon
  3. Hi, probably AIDA64 was not able to download the updated database to fix this value. Please try to restart AIDA64 on your phone with Internet connection. The value comes from the database so it is not possible to detect replaced or different battery size.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately Apple asked us to remove that part from AIDA64 or they will remove us from the App Store.
  5. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain any battery info under iOS 12. We'll soon publish an update to AIDA64 App to not display the false values. You can check battery health in iOS Settings / Battery page.
  6. Mice007

    This App

    Oh that would be awesome if Apple would include AIDA64 with iOS12. Unfortunately this is of course not true, I'm pretty sure you've (or someone else around you with access to your phone) installed it from the App Store. AIDA64 App however is capable of showing you a lot of details about the phone, you can test the sensors, LCD, and before iOS12 you were able to see the battery health.
  7. Thanks for pointing this bug out, we had an issue with the device identification database. It should be OK now.
  8. Basically the same way as you can build a custom SensorPanel, described in the following video. The only difference is that you need to design it to fit into a cell phone screen.
  9. We have deleted your user account and data from our forum.
  10. Hi, there was an unscheduled server maintenance during that time and we had to disable the download section for a short period of time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. This is good news. Driver updates can fix such issues. Let us know if the issue comes back.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider to create a manual or more likely some hints and detailed descriptions of each item in the App.
  13. Since iOS 11 you can verify the battery replacement warning in the Settings / Battery page. If iOS is displaying any warnings there about this, you should contact with Apple about it. But until you did not notice any significant battery life issues I'm not recommending a service. I believe this issue is more significant above 25-30% battery wear level.
  14. It is tricky as we get these values from iOS and it is rounding the capacity to the nearest hundred which results in some fluctuations. Also since iOS 11 this value seems a bit off sometimes. I'm recommending you to check the value in the next few days at different charge levels and calculate an average. According to the issue I think around 15% wear level seems real though. Usage time still good but with a lower charge level the device can shut down during a heavy power draw.
  15. Mice007

    wear level 45%???

    It is a value reported by iOS. Please try to restart the device and check how it affect this readout. Also you can check Settings / Battery in iOS, if this value is real it should display that a battery replacement may needed.
  16. Mice007

    send report bug?

    Thanks for the report, I'll check why this happened.
  17. Thanks for your post about this. We have forwarded the concern to our server hosting team to check and solve the problem.
  18. Hi, You can renew your license if you have less than 2 years of remaining maintenance period. If you enter your product key at our renewal page it will let you know if you can renew your license or not yet. https://www.aida64.com/support/renewal Please make sure you enter your latest, actual product key.
  19. Design capacity is a detected value but honestly I don't know how Apple is determining this value. We have numerous reports before iOS10 when we were able to detect these values too and in a device with relatively new battery, the design capacity was usually lower than maximum charge capacity. Here is an iPhone 6 from 2016 for example. It has 1810 mAh battery, the reported design capacity were 1751 mAh, the maximum charge was 1820 mAh. This is very usual with new batteries. If you have lower maximum charge than the physical battery capacity (the one that is written on the battery) then it means it has some wear level, but around 5% I think you don't have to worry much about it, these reported values are not from a certified measurement instrument so accuracy can vary.
  20. Interesting. If you check the iFixit teardown of this device, they found a 3.77 V, 8134 mAh, 30.8 Wh battery in it. We using this source as we cannot detect design capacity in iOS since iOS 10.
  21. Look for a CPU Package value on the Computer / Sensor page for CPU power consumption. Please note that not all CPU support this feature. The same applies to GPUs. Take a screen shot of your Sensor page and submit it here, we can give you a more detailed explanation when we actually see something more about your system.
  22. Hi, You should see something like this, what is available on your list? Did you change anything regarding your system configuration, internet access, network cards/routers?
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