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  1. This seems like an odd interference between various software running in the same time, like AI Suite or others that makes direct access to the hardware devices in question. Try to disable these software temporarly and check how AIDA64 works. You can always find the latest AIDA64 stable and beta here: https://www.aida64.com/downloads, also you can use the built-in autoupdate feature too.
  2. Please submit a ticket to us on https://www.aida64.com/support/contactform so we can track more easily the issues you have, including the CPU and the GPU problem you mentioned.
  3. We are still trying to figure out whats the catch with the AMD drivers.
  4. "CPU" is usualy measured by the Motherboard and not the CPU itself.
  5. Unfortunately, it is not possible to detect fake or real LCD module. iOS doesn't allow direct communication to hardware, also 3rd party manufacturers working hard to make their reproduction parts as identical as possible.
  6. Thanks for letting us know. It's a bug in AIDA64 app, we'll fix it as soon as possible.
  7. Unfortunately there is no way to access such information on iOS devices.
  8. Hi, Thanks for your patience. Please drop an email to sales@aida64.com about the problem and please attach a screenshot to it of the issue with Alipay you seeing so we can check whats going on with it.
  9. Hi, We've contacted with our e-commerce provider about this question, I'll get back to you if we have more information about this.
  10. There was a missing database entry for your iPad which caused this issue. It is already fixed and it should work by now.
  11. Yes! A new version will be out soon with a fix.
  12. The update with the proper XMM chipset models will be available soon
  13. Hi, probably AIDA64 was not able to download the updated database to fix this value. Please try to restart AIDA64 on your phone with Internet connection. The value comes from the database so it is not possible to detect replaced or different battery size.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately Apple asked us to remove that part from AIDA64 or they will remove us from the App Store.
  15. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain any battery info under iOS 12. We'll soon publish an update to AIDA64 App to not display the false values. You can check battery health in iOS Settings / Battery page.
  16. Mice007

    This App

    Oh that would be awesome if Apple would include AIDA64 with iOS12. Unfortunately this is of course not true, I'm pretty sure you've (or someone else around you with access to your phone) installed it from the App Store. AIDA64 App however is capable of showing you a lot of details about the phone, you can test the sensors, LCD, and before iOS12 you were able to see the battery health.
  17. Thanks for pointing this bug out, we had an issue with the device identification database. It should be OK now.
  18. Basically the same way as you can build a custom SensorPanel, described in the following video. The only difference is that you need to design it to fit into a cell phone screen.
  19. We have deleted your user account and data from our forum.
  20. Hi, there was an unscheduled server maintenance during that time and we had to disable the download section for a short period of time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  21. This is good news. Driver updates can fix such issues. Let us know if the issue comes back.
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