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  1. 800x480 did some icons tweaks CTTO of original panel Horiziontal EPv2.1.sensorpanel
  2. I'm using the latest Aida64 v6.33... software and I got this bug that my pc froze everytime its runs in the background, sometimes when I play games or when PC on idle. the only solution was to do hard reboot then when it come back to my desktop my radeon software is no longer working its completely not working as my PC lagging so much and my other monitor was not able to detect and I need to reinstall radeon, for it to work again this all happen after the update of Aida and Amd software. Any solution for this I know there was incompatibility with amd software but I was able to fix it befo
  3. this is my first try did some edits to other panel I see here in the group forget to mention their name but CTTO of the original panel and icons I used hope u like it 480x800 Sensor Panel EP.sensorpanel
  4. I follow your instruction but it seems nothing happen unless i turned off the gpu sensor that's works magically
  5. I got R5 3600 gpu RX580 my pc keep restarting every time I play sometimes I can play like 1 hour then after that it will restart, not only gaming but even editing and Idle time but most of the time when I'm gaming
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