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  1. Not really an annoying bug, but more a QOL. As long as plugged drive is selected in SMART panel, Windows refuses to dismount this drive, even if you have switched to another aida's tree branch/panel. To allow the dismount, you must return to smart panel and select another drive. Such behavior would be explainable if SMART state were re-readed periodically (just a thought, I'm not asking for this), refreshing panel content. But since on reading, SMART content is static, is pretty unobvious. It will be better to monitor system dismount requests, and release the drive.
  2. A typical computer with 1gb mem, which is shown everywhere except CPUID window. AIDA .3940 (latest beta). Report-dmi.txt Report-spd.txt
  3. Sensor reading seems to be normal in .3319. Mobo acts as mobo, cpu acts as cpu.
  4. 1. "Motherboard temp" sensor most likely refers to cpu temp (it always equal to core temp under both idle and burn state), and "aux" to mb temp. Sensors' dump included. 2. Disk transfer mode displayed as mwdma2, which is in controversy to actual disk test (afaik mwdma2 is capped to 16.7Mb/s) (windows' device manager don't have "channel" node for AHCI controllers, so I can't get actual dma value from it to compare) mwdma.txt isasensordump.txt Report-sens.txt atadump.txt
  5. Subj. This computer has no physical monitor connected. Aida .3315
  6. Thanks for reply. I've found that cpu frequency always cut to 2GHz if "stress gpu" is selected (with any one of cpu/fpu/cache stress). And APM really shows bogus power values if turboCore is active . (look at above 100W for 1min)
  7. Amd a10-6700 cpu Idle state core freq is 1797MHz The first spike: stability test@all cores - 2296MHz Second: stability test@one core (0x00000001 mask) - 2296MHz (why? supposing to be 4GHz) Third: GPGPU bencmark - 4192MHz Also, stat page: CPU 146 Watts power output - are you seriuos?
  8. Gpgpu hash indeed works with the latest BETA drivers. Thanks for idea. (The previous was the latest STABLE drivers.)
  9. CPU amd a10-6700 with hd8670d embedded. W7Pro x64. SHA1 Hash - Compile error. Older .2815 data: It looks like you broke something in latest .3129 - 24-bit Integer IOPS on CPU failed.
  10. Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-HD3 @bios F7 (latest) AMD a10-6700 cpu Aida .3129 beta (latest) Issue: too low cpu & cpu cores temp. ISA sensor dump included. isasensordump1.txt
  11. .3120 works properly. Thanks, Fiery.
  12. Right click - copy all - paste. Expecting cyrillic symbols. Notepad font is "Arial Unicode MS". WinXP x32, Aida .3114 beta (latest).
  13. Supermicro X7SBL mobo; consider it is X7SBL-LN1 (http://www.supermicro.com.tw/products/motherboard/Xeon3000/3200/X7SBL-LN1.cfm) as aida says no IPMI found. No integr. video: But here we have our preciuos xgi volari embedded:
  14. Results with latest v4.0 b2706 (under the same w7sp1 x64). CPU package consumes less than Dimm . Is this a processor (as haswell has built-in PSU) or mobo issue? PS Deneva 2r SSD still didn't recognized.
  15. GB EasyTune ver B13.1008.2 installed but failed to run with code CLR20r3 Intel management engine: present. .Net4 present. No other monitor utilities. No discrete graphics card, processor's built-in used.
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