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  1. Worked for me also, unchecking keep sensor topmost window is the key for now.
  2. So I installed latest version 6.33.5700 and I'm still getting the bug. It does stop when hiding SensorPanel. I also erased all my SensorPanel items to a blank page, retarted the app and problem still exists when sensor panel is shown.
  3. Hello, Aida64 is refreshing my desktop every 5 seconds causing it to deselect icons when renaming files. Problem goes away when I close Aida64. V 6.32.5659 Beta BD 2021-03-26 Example here:
  4. Thanks for the update, So after some extensive testing the culprit seems to be thumbnail data only. I exported all my gauge gifs with each of the check boxes of the export options stated in the suggested post one by one. Maybe your gif decoder can ignore this data?
  5. So after some extensive testing the culprit seems to be thumbnail data only. You only need to uncheck thumbnail data when exporting from gimp.
  6. I tried deleting Aida completly fresh install reboot / import sensor panel - can't get it to work again. Ram keeps going up and gauge not showing most of the time. Do you put files in appdata ? can't seem to find any. Here's a video to see how it reacts when removing all custom gauges and adding a new one back with Ram usage on top left.
  7. Hello Fiery, Worked for a few days but after a few shutdowns and boots the problem came back, still on 6.32.5640 Beta. Gauges do not show up and ram usage becomes exponentially used
  8. Still not working with beta version, custom gauges not loading. Sometimes they load for 2 seconds when right clicking on Sensor panel. So I've been monitoring this all weekend and it seems the problem is with memory utilisation. I realized if I use a custom gauge Aida64extreme ram usage keeps gooing up exponantionally. Dont know if this helps but I started with 74mb of ram and after a few hours of usage I got over 1gb or ram usage. When I remove the custom gauges and restart I stay at 74 mb of ram usage for aida64extreme. Windows 10 20H2 (Ver. 19042.746)
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