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  1. Latest beta version is available: http://www.aida64.co...49h5q0sfmjptzip
  2. Latest beta version is available: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/aida64extremebuild1849h5q0sfmjptzip
  3. This issue is fixed in the latest beta version: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/aida64extremebuild1849h5q0sfmjptzip
  4. Next beta release will fix the reboot issue and also it will save the settings into the registry so this way removing the gadget from the desktop won't erase the settings.
  5. Did you try SensorPanel feature in AIDA64? With a little designing you can achieve such result or even more.
  6. Ok I've sorted out the problem finally, it should work now, I've tested it again several times.
  7. We've created this topic to have a place where you can share your Sensor Panel themes. If you designed a stunning SensorPanel layout and you want to show it to others or you just want to find some examples or download a good looking panel then you are in the right place. Please attach at least one screen shot with your ".sensorpanel" file, so others can see how the attached panel looks like. sample.sensorpanel
  8. You should extract AIDA64 Business Edition ZIP file to a shared folder on your server, then you can setup each client to launch AIDA64 from this location. You don't need to install AIDA64 on each client computer, AIDA64 doesn't require installation.
  9. Right-click on the panel, and launch SensorPanel Manager. With the Move Up / Move Down buttons you can change the order of the items. First item in the list is on the lowest depth on the panel.
  10. Here is the ZIP file with the sample SensorPanel theme in it. Please read the "readme" file in the ZIP first. http://download.aida64.com/sensorpanel/sample_sensorpanel.zip
  11. Here is the ZIP file with the sample SensorPanel theme in it. Please read the "readme" file in the ZIP first. http://download.aida64.com/sensorpanel/sample_sensorpanel.zip
  12. Here is the ZIP file with the sample SensorPanel theme in it. Please read the "readme" file in the ZIP first. http://download.aida64.com/sensorpanel/sample_sensorpanel.zip
  13. We are sorry, but it seems our current product line and licensing options are not covering such usage of AIDA64.
  14. Currently Remote Control cannot handle UAC dialogs
  15. Thank you for letting us now the problem about the ticket, we'll check our support system to find out what happened with your e-mail. About the question with AIDA64. For such usage we recommend Extreme Engineer license as it does exactly what you need, a quick solution to get a report of a computer without installing or configuring the network. Engineer license also supports this kind of usage as this product is bound to an engineer and can be used on an unlimited number of computers. However I'm not sure what kind of post process you want to do with these snapshots as Engineer version only
  16. We are working on an automated way to handle renewals and license extensions, it will be published on our website soon. Until that about renewals please send an e-mail to sales AT aida64.com
  17. Please send an e-mail to sales AT aida64.com with your actual product key in order to get this sorted out asap.
  18. Services running in a different "layer" in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and currently AIDA64 cannot access the user's desktop when forced to run as a service. This problem will be solved in a future version.
  19. I've created a sample with the latest AIDA64 Beta version to show some of the capabilities of this new feature.
  20. Yes, I think the first is to check the software firewalls and router configurations to make sure the port you selected for Remote Control is open
  21. Thanks I've found your ticket using the ID and just replied to you in e-mail. The spam filter you using replied to our automated system and this caused the confusion about this ticket.
  22. In such cases just drop an e-mail to the company directly (in this case to us) instead of the e-commerce provider, because we have direct contacts to them so we can check what and why happened and can act after the first failed transaction immediately and provide a solution.
  23. Please copy-paste the ticket number you got from the auto-respond here so we can find your ticket. Currently there are no open tickets about renewals so probably somehow you did not receive our reply.
  24. We have plans to extend AIDA64 monitoring functions to mobile devices such as iPhone with minimal configuration/setup needs. This project have a lot of potential for other interesting features as well so it needs brainstorming and planning to create a good platform to build these ideas and feature on it. I cannot estimate any time frame for this at the moment but we hope we can roll out something in the near future.
  25. We created a service helper application, this is an experimental feature at the moment and not part of the release package yet. I'm attaching it to this reply, please extract the files in the same folder where AIDA64 is installed, more details in the ZIP package. Please let us know how it works or any ideas you have. aida64be_svh.zip
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