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  1. If you don't know any IoT users does not means that you cannot target your software to those users too. Amazon offers Amazon IoT with built in MQTT servers, this means that there are billions of IoT users around the world, many of thems are waiting to buy AIDA: I don't know what is the language of your choice but you can explain someone how to write an MQTT message to an MQTT broker in 1 minutes and half using nodejs. there are a lot of libraries for .NET, Java and many other languages. So why it should be difficult? Do you want a lib to write an MQTT message on an MQTT broker? Simply google it in the preferred language you want and you will find plenty of those libs on github. Why implement my own lib? The only part we lack is the AIDA integrations with those libs You are the boss of your project, those are only my two cents PS: Thanks for the reply and for the good project, my money was well spent in your license.
  2. This was true in the ancient era of the first SSD, thanks to wear leveling now you can max out pretty all the MTF of the disk even writing only 1 byte per time. So, no, it's your choice, not a bad idea. sorry, I haven't understood that you offer better alternatives, so nothing to add on this point.
  3. In any case I think that if you add mqtt support to Aida you will have a big bump in selling. Any IoT users will buy Aida, come one do you know a single Arduino or Raspberry users who don't want it's pc temp on their IoT devices? Imho it will worth the effort, there are a lot of libs to simply publish messages on an mqtt server.
  4. @FieryI decided to write the app by my own, publishing MQTT messages in Java is really simple, there are pretty powerful lib to do that. Is there a way to say aida to publish sensors readings in a file? I don't want to log temp, I only want to see the current readings.
  5. Hi all, hi @Fiery all arduino fans uses MQTT servers to "send data over the house". MQTT servers like mosquito generally runs on raspberry devices (or even Amazon IOT) and let the users to get "home data" outside the home or on the arduino devices widespread in the home. I have created some arduino displays that shows the info of my home devices. I would like to add the infos of my PC. Will Aida every support a "Publish over MQTT" fearure? It would be really really really cool for every Arduino users.
  6. increasing the font size does not solve the problem of the widget beeing too short. I want to increase the width of the widget
  7. Hi, I'm using the AIDA64 gadget on windows 10 on a 4K panel at 150% scaling. Is it possible to resize the AIDA64 gadget to fit the text without wrapping it to the next line? Can I increment the width of the widget? Thanks
  8. congrats for your work fiery and thanks for the fast answer, as always!!!
  9. Hi, I'm using a registered version of aida. When I click check for update, it find an update, it ask me if I want upgrade, I answer yes and nothing happen. If I check for update, same things happen in a loop. What's happening?
  10. How can I install the latest beta that fix this problem? I'm using the latest "stable version" and I just experienced another BSOD EDIT: Ok I installed the latest beta but is there a specific fix for the BSDO in the beta?
  11. I agree, now they added another BSOD to my list. Now I can BSOD even while playing a youtube video (no idle like before) and now I have another error code: DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE WTF?
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