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  1. Hi all, hi @Fiery all arduino fans uses MQTT servers to "send data over the house". MQTT servers like mosquito generally runs on raspberry devices (or even Amazon IOT) and let the users to get "home data" outside the home or on the arduino devices widespread in the home. I have created some arduino displays that shows the info of my home devices. I would like to add the infos of my PC. Will Aida every support a "Publish over MQTT" fearure? It would be really really really cool for every Arduino users.
  2. increasing the font size does not solve the problem of the widget beeing too short. I want to increase the width of the widget
  3. Hi, I'm using the AIDA64 gadget on windows 10 on a 4K panel at 150% scaling. Is it possible to resize the AIDA64 gadget to fit the text without wrapping it to the next line? Can I increment the width of the widget? Thanks
  4. congrats for your work fiery and thanks for the fast answer, as always!!!
  5. Hi, I'm using a registered version of aida. When I click check for update, it find an update, it ask me if I want upgrade, I answer yes and nothing happen. If I check for update, same things happen in a loop. What's happening?
  6. How can I install the latest beta that fix this problem? I'm using the latest "stable version" and I just experienced another BSOD EDIT: Ok I installed the latest beta but is there a specific fix for the BSDO in the beta?
  7. I agree, now they added another BSOD to my list. Now I can BSOD even while playing a youtube video (no idle like before) and now I have another error code: DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE WTF?
  8. same problems here. I have freeze and than BSOD with latest nvidia driver + aida. If I use an older driver or if I close AIDA the problem does not happen.
  9. @Fiery it seems that rolling back to 388.31 solved the problem. what's a strange thing, a video driver that make AIDA crash and BSOD windows?
  10. rain I appreciate your answer, thanks. unfortunantly windows minidump speaks clearly, the software that creates the problem is aida64.exe we are not talking about stress testing, we are talking about leaving a youtube video on pause for 15 minutes. this only happen if aida is opened. @Fiery any idea?
  11. another BSOD here, minidump says the same problem on AIDA64.exe the fastest way to reproduce it is to run an youtube video on chrome, pause it, set it full screen, wait 20 minutes more or less, BSOD. If I close AIDA, no BSOD.
  12. Hi Fiery, thanks for the prompt answer, as always. It could be a problem of the recent update, it's not a problem that bug me since a lot but I don't know when it started exactly. I have attached the report from Aida with all the specs of my rig. That report seems to show 4 GPUs, but I have only two. Report.htm
  13. As title. Since few weekd I noticed that AIDA64 makes my PC BSOD with a KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED. Reading the minidump aida64.exe is the coulprit. I attach both the minidump files Please help me, should I stop using AIDA64? Is this a known problem? 051218-13406-01.dmp 051218-14015-01.dmp
  14. thank you for your excellent work and support. see you around (on the forum)
  15. Ok, that version shows correct results. Waiting to get the stable version with this fix. Thanks.
  16. as mentioned before that values shows much different values than the one measured by the asus software.
  17. I have done it but it continue to show wrong values.
  18. I see no CPU Power in the system stability test statistics tab. Where the CPU Power is supposed to be? Thanks.
  19. Thanks for the answer. You get it I have SVID disabled since SVID is not a good thing while overclocking and it is not recommended by Asus to leave it enabled when OC... ...but AiSuite is able to tell me the WATT that my CPU is using so why Aida should not be able? Thanks
  20. Hi Fiery, nice to hear you again. This software is amazing. Congrats! here the logs:
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