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  1. I removed that card from my system, it also disturbs the max power limit on reboot in msi afterburner (goes back to 100%)
  2. No because when I close aida64, load the gpu (mining) then re open aida64, the sensors are still missing. GPUZ properly shows the TPD sensor of that special mining card. See below:
  3. Well, all 3 gpu are present but some sensor like TPD are missing. I use aida64 5.97.4687 Beta
  4. ok I enabled the wake up below multi gpu, that was also enabled, result is: B01-D00-F00 [10DE-1C07] [1458-378A] [CC0302]: nVIDIA P106-100 B02-D00-F00 [10DE-1B81] [10DE-119D] [CC0300]: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition (PG411) Video Adapter B02-D00-F01 [10DE-10F0] [10DE-119D] [CC0403]: nVIDIA GP104 - High Definition Audio Controller B03-D00-F00 [10DE-1C03] [10DE-11D7] [CC0300]: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (PG410) Video Adapter B03-D00-F01 [10DE-10F1] [10DE-11D7] [CC0403]: nVIDIA GP106 - High Definition Audio Controller So in that case you cannot rely on the missing Video Adapter because it is absent: nVIDIA P106-100
  5. Well, if you look at the attached debug pci list, the giqabyte looks not supported.
  6. Could you add sensor support for that card?
  7. Fiery, Could you support that sensor?