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  1. I removed that card from my system, it also disturbs the max power limit on reboot in msi afterburner (goes back to 100%)
  2. No because when I close aida64, load the gpu (mining) then re open aida64, the sensors are still missing. GPUZ properly shows the TPD sensor of that special mining card. See below:
  3. Well, all 3 gpu are present but some sensor like TPD are missing. I use aida64 5.97.4687 Beta
  4. ok I enabled the wake up below multi gpu, that was also enabled, result is: B01-D00-F00 [10DE-1C07] [1458-378A] [CC0302]: nVIDIA P106-100 B02-D00-F00 [10DE-1B81] [10DE-119D] [CC0300]: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition (PG411) Video Adapter B02-D00-F01 [10DE-10F0] [10DE-119D] [CC0403]: nVIDIA GP104 - High Definition Audio Controller B03-D00-F00 [10DE-1C03] [10DE-11D7] [CC0300]: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (PG410) Video Adapter B03-D00-F01 [10DE-10F1] [10DE-11D7] [CC0403]: nVIDIA GP106 - High Definition Audio Controller So in that case you cannot rely on the missing Video Adapter because it is absent: nVIDIA P106-100
  5. Well, if you look at the attached debug pci list, the giqabyte looks not supported.
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