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  1. stable so far, so that was it, thanks for the bug fix.
  2. Or Could they bring us a debug drivers version that can show them more data when crash occurs?
  3. 391.35 are fine too and I can use nicehash2 with it.
  4. Can you help Nvidia to reproduce it such that they fix the issue at their end? Downgrading to such old driver is not an option as programs like nicehash2 and miners don't support it anymore.
  5. 8 days later no reply from the dev, I won't renew my license when expired ... This is sad.
  6. Fiery, Could you have look at that topic, I get BSOD using aida64 at the moment. I use windows 10 1803 built 17134.48, a 1950x CPU and 5 GTX 1070.
  7. so far so good at the moment with the SMB unticked.
  8. Do you know how to disable nicehash v2 low level accesses? I twitted nicehash but got no answer. BTW, on aida64 restart, my gpu sensors were gone, so I had to also select PCI low level access to make it work, so only the low level SMB is unticked at the moment. I will try and see if it is still stable
  9. I see 4 low level settings under aida64 stability settings preferences: MSR PCI SMBUS SENSOR They are all ticked active. For my sensor panel, the PCI and SMBus are not relevant, so I disabled them(unticked). So far I was not experiencing the freeze anymore using combination of nicehash v2 and google chrome using Nvidia drivers 391.35. Could you try at your side sblantipodi and Forceflow ?
  10. Someone on nvidia forum stated that nicehash uses low level access to the GPU. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1052670/geforce-drivers/official-397-64-game-ready-whql-display-driver-feedback-thread-released-5-9-18-/27/ Can the low level access of aida64 be changed into an indirect level access?
  11. Hi, Nicehash2 freezes when aida64 sensor panel is running. It occurs within 5 min when using google chrome together with nicehashv2 using equihash for the GPU and cryptonightv7 for the CPU , using Nvidia drivers 391.35. When using nvidia drivers 397.64, this is even worst, there are BSOD generated. Using win10 home 64 bits, latest aida64 5.97.4633 beta 5 GTX1070 and 1950X CPU. My sensor panel config is attached. Sensor panel Refresh speed set to 2 seconds. 2018-05-20.sensorpanel