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  1. To shut off backlight in BeadaPanel standby mode, you can open anitmaion.ini file in console folder by Windows Notepad and uncomment second last line of ";backlight = 90" to "backlight = 0"
  2. @kodachrome uploaded a 3D printable case for this screen. Did you have a check with his design files on this website?
  3. 4.09 is the first firmware version and latest version is 5.2. Please contact seller for firmware upgrade.
  4. We plan to eliminate penguin logo in future but BeadaPanel splash screen will be still there. Both of them are hardcoded inside BeadaPanel firmware so customers will not be able to disable them at panel starts up.
  5. BeadaPanel should work with all USB ports which equipped with USB 2.0 High-Speed support, though we did not have a test with Type E adapter cable yet. So let us know the result after your test.
  6. First of All, I apologize if there are any mis-leading/mis-understandings in this conversation around terminology of 'SDK'. Typically we develop our own application software beyond a specific sotware development kit or platform. And we usually call this kit or platform 'SDK'. For using of BeadaPanel screen together with AIDA64 for hardware monitoring, you should just plug the BeadaPanel screen into your PC with the USB cable, open your AIDA64 software on your PC and connect to BeadaPanel on AIDA64 LCD Preference page. It is straightforward, click-through and nothing to do with source code writing.
  7. We use Windows WinUSB library for software development. And here is a demo project on github
  8. This is the template used in OP https://forums.aida64.com/topic/667-share-your-sensorpanel/?do=findComment&comment=26703 2021-01-01.belcd
  9. Yes we have a PC tool named as 'BeadaTools‘ to access on-board storage on BeadaPanel. Here is link-->https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArGfiTxjUGUl_SJ6Kq2Ta46Tkxlj?e=EQBdgh
  10. Though Canada custom will charge tariff on value of $20CAD and above, $42CAD tariff on $99USD import goods is too high. Did you contact your DHL agent for a detailed bill? You can contact seller for this issue.
  11. For now there is no further Windows functionality support but a WinUSB device. However the communication protocol between USB peers is open, so purposes of BeadaPanel device are fairly expandable.
  12. You can purchase currently on ebay and here is the link-->https://www.ebay.com/itm/124510666036 This screen can work under landscape or portrait mode and you can find pics in kodachrome's post either. For GPU performance, since the screen is a winUSB device only under Windows so there will be no negative influence to your graphic performance at all.
  13. In addition to the current 5" and 7" LCD screens, a new 6.8" IPS screen is now added to the BeadaPanel LCD family. The screen resolution is 1280x480, and the mechanical dimensions are 181x67x25mm. A look with that awesome screen.
  14. 目前我们是通过AIDA64的remote sensor功能来实现的,相当于访问AIDA64内建的web服务器。这个效果和AIDA64直接通过USB访问LCD显示器不太一样。你可以自己在电脑上比较一下的。
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