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  1. Thanks for the suggestion... currently we have no plans to implement such solutions in the near future.
  2. Thats not that easy, on a driver or hardware level when you access various devices you can get unexpected results all of a sudden after a firmware, driver or Windows update.
  3. You can add or remove sensor items on the OSD here, in AIDA64 Preferences
  4. Unfortunately, It is currently not possible to exclude some sensors from the polling. We've checked the possibilities to implement this but as it needs a major redesign in the code, we cannot estimate when it will be included in AIDA64.
  5. Thanks for reporting it. We are aware of the issues with Adrenalin and already discussed this with AMD. Hopefully new drivers will solve this problem.
  6. Thanks, we'll look into it.
  7. Currently AIDA64 can report Core C6 State (CC6) and Package C6 State (PC6) on AMD CPUs only. Support for detection on Intel CPUs will be added later.
  8. It is possible if you have a temp sensor / pump that is supported by AIDA64. Can you see the temperature info in Computer / Sensor page?
  9. Please try updating AIDA64 to latest stable version and let us know if you still experience this issue.
  10. This is an odd one... Please update AIDA64 to latest stable and check... let me know if you still experience this. Does that temporarily fix the problem if you right click on SensorPanel and hide it?
  11. SensorPanel and RemoteSensor is two different things, however you can try to export your SensorPanel on SensorPanel Manager and then import the file to RemoteSensor on AIDA64 Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / LCD / LCD Items (you need to switch file browser to All Files). You may need to do some adjustments like Gauges are not supported in RemoteSensor.
  12. Try to restore your Windows to a point where everything worked fine and start from there... probably this is a Windows or driver issue you facing.
  13. Yes, all you need to setup the LCD as a display and drag the SensorPanel to it.
  14. Windows doesn't have a built-in feature for this, of course there are 3rd party solutions like the one you linked, we didn't test any of these.
  15. By redesigning the interface of the test, this issue will be fixed as well.
  16. I've moved your topic into Hardware monitoring.
  17. This is an English language forum, please post in English.
  18. We've increassed the total upload amount, it was 15MB, now it is 30MB / user.
  19. The update should not change anything about the SensorPanel. Also when you change the resultion it is not altering the items on the panel. Did you change Windows settings meanwhile, like DPI or related options? What was the SensorPanel resolution in AIDA64 Preferences before and after you noticed the change? Can you send a screen shot about your SensorPanel?
  20. Currently it is not supported by AIDA64. We'll consider to implement this in a future version but I cannot give you an estimated timeframe for this yet.
  21. Thanks for reporting this, we'll check it out.
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