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  1. hi Fiery, I'm not on the affected platform but i can confirm that there are still users experiencing this in the wild. See the users thread here on guru3D https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/3700x-5700xt-crashs-everyday.436494/#post-5883244 Perhaps you might work with AMD to develop a safer API for their card interfaces?
  2. By allowing the administrator account to set a persistent Start = 0x2 from within the Aida64 options, and change the task schedule to include the user account in the name of the Run at Startup task so multiple admins or users can choose to start it or not.
  3. I see, well that would have to be a placeholder name, because the product is the Turing version of the Tesla T10 as shown running here
  4. Why In the change notes do you have the T10-8 identified as a Geforce RTX, when this nomenclature is a Tesla part.? TU102 T10 Generation 8 Tesla board.
  5. No, that didn't seem to work. I found why though, devices on the ASUSTOR driver are treated as a Raid device, so RAID Smart needs to be enabled.
  6. Easy, here you go. The drive is currently on the ASUS UASP driver, but Smart was also missing on the mass storage driver, regardless both could pass through smart to Crystaldisk, and I can also see the data in HD Tune, SSD-Z, etc. diskctrldump.txt raiddump.txt smartdump.txt I also have a cable based on the ASM1351 on order so i can get trim working on this ssd, so i'll likely be back with dumps for that too after it arrives lol.
  7. Hey Feiry, i grabbed a UASP sata 3 adapter cable produced by startech it uses the ASMedia - ASM1153E https://www.startech.com/au/HDD/Adapters/USB-3-SATA-adapter-cable-with-UASP~USB3S2SAT3CB Aida64 is unable to pull smart data from the drive attached, but CrystalDiskInfo has no such problem. Need a dump to add support? if so which ones.
  8. Fiery, the feature this user wanted is possible. The drive itself can report what SATA mode it is in, but not all do so and seems more likely when the Drive is Sata Rev3 / 6Gb with some exceptions being ODD's The utility SSD-Z implements it. Attached to Intel ICH10 sata Attached to Marvel SATA 6G Attached to JMI E-Sata
  9. Interestingly enough, the fields are now visible, seems that this information is not presented by hotplugged drives?
  10. Something strange with AIDA64's support of this. It seems aida64 lacks the active udma field on some drives declaring them to be running in MWDMA 0 or 2, meanwhile HDD Scan and HD Tune both agree that the current active mode is UDMA6 for those drives, and buffered read tests come back as expected.
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