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  1. 1) Issue happen even with SIV disable. 2) Not related with PC going to sleep mode. It happens randomly and not launching any specific app. It can happen just by web browsing. 3) Board is x570 Aorus Xtreme. Rev.1.1 I've sent also an email to support because now, CPU diode temp field just started to show N/A and not showing anymore on the TEMP listing. Cheers!
  2. Hi, I am facing some weird issue with Aida display wrong temps after running fine at first. For some reason Aida bugs out and start showing temp number all over the place after some minutes or not showing them in APP at all but showing "0" on panel. From gigabyte SIV tool no issue, temps are well shown, so not an issue with Motherboard sensors. Example below; Motherboard showing temp -92 °c...Chipset -6°c and CPU is not display on app, but shown on sensor panel at 0°c Meantime on Gigabyte app all seems ok
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