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  1. Is the panel the 14" IPS wisecoco, on alliexpress? If so, i'd be very interested in a review. I'd Probably pick one up myself, if you have a good experience with it.
  2. Looking good. Yeah, no problem, feel free to share. We're here to share and build off each other. Glad you liked it.
  3. Material Design Finance 1200x1920 Designed for a lot of storage devices. The data column is gonna be useless for most. Different colorways and the required fonts are included. Note: Nividia VRAM temps are supported in the new beta [6.33.5714 beta (Apr 23, 2021)]. So adjust accordingly if you're using it. In the sensor panel it's set to some random temp at the moment. Edit 1: Added a bold-text version. Wanted to increase text visibility. Minor changes to some text spacing. Also, changed most white text to grey/off-white. Additional Pics:
  4. Corsair LS100 LED strips. They use a corsair proprietary connector. Other brands like Phanteks call them "Neon" led strips, and have a standard RGB connector. They both share similar housing, but different mounting solutions. Whether they use the same led strips inside, I don't know.
  5. Working on something for a lot of storage devices. Based it on some material design finance app.
  6. No problem. Nice job. Looking good in that horizontal view.
  7. Here's a few light theme versions of my last post. Material Design Phone - Light Mode 1200x1920 See my last post for dark/night colorways. Edit: Just realized that you can change transfer rates KB/s to MB/s, and total upload from MB to GB. I ended up switching to those to clean up the numbers displayed. Example shown in the 3rd pic. Edit 2: Added download link for all version 2 colorways (5 squares ver. only) What I'm using now, made a few minor changes. This is version 2. Additional pics of version 2 Material Design Ph
  8. Material Design Phone 1200x1920. There are 4 and 5 square versions. Different colorways and the required fonts are included. Note: there's is no support for RTX 3080 VRAM temp in AIDA64 yet. That additional square is just a place holder. Additional Pics: Material Design Phone 1200x1920.zip
  9. Made one that looks like a material design phone app. Still a work in progress. 1200x1920 Playing with other colorways
  10. It would be nice if there was an option to add shadows to the text of the OSD panel. I use a transparent background for the OSD panel. Adding shadows would help the text pop-out with different backgrounds. In my case, live wallpapers/music visualizers (e.g. wallpaper engine). Don't think there's much demand, but it would be nice. Thanks for reading.
  11. Here you go as shown in the pic. It's 1200x1920. Fonts are Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed and Digital-7. I used AI-upscaling to increase the background resolution from the OP's original post, so it's not perfectly clear. Credit to the original OP @operbico I currently use my version 2 with just an all black background and a little-bit different spacing. It's not AI-upscaled so it's easier to change colors in ms paint to match case lighting. *Edit 1: Dunno why but it renamed my original ver. with a whole bunch of numbers. So rename the file accordingly *Edit 2: I have adde
  12. Thanks once again, loved the simple and easy to see design. I modified it a bit to fit my panel.
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