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  1. The problems are with the commander pro, if I turn on the pc only with aida64 or only with icue I have no problem, but having one active and running the other one starts the problems, in which the fan performance tab appears and disappears, LL120RGBx5 tower fans are set at 100% and the sound of disconnecting a USB is heard every 20 or 30 sec, and from aida64 the corsair hardware values are uncontrolled (fan at 20k rpm and things like that). I guess the problem happens when icue and other software (aida643, hwinfo ...) try to access the same fan data, temperatures or whatever. That is my ex
  2. Well, as a temporary solution can be used, in my case at least, we will see, with the beta version of aida64 5157, if you deactivate the compatibility with corsair link sensor, the commander pro stops giving collision errors, you can not monitor the fan speed or temperature probes, but it is the only thing you lose since with the Corsair Hydro Platinum sensor Support, you can monitor the AIO fan speed, liquid temperature and so on the panel sensor (H115i SE Platinum, in my case) and of course the comander pro does not connect and disconnect from the usb constantly, let this beta be official ve
  3. perfect, thx for help. I was testing with the beta version, 5157, it looks great, it even recognizes my M2 mp510, but is there only portable version? Is it not possible to install the beta version?
  4. Well, at least you already have a solution and several days ago, hehe, do you know when it will come in a non-beta version?
  5. If I had to bet I would say that they are not very much for the task of implementing too many things in rationing to third-party software, for now there is no other than to continue being disconnected and turn it on and endure the fan speed changes With the beautiful thing that is my sensor panel and not being able to use all the sensors, to cry, xDDDD Thanks for the help
  6. WTF ???? 2 min to get an answer, record guinness. Well I have commented the same thing on the icue support forum and their response was "ANY other software that attempts to read from the Corsair hardware will have a conflict. There can only be one software app accessing the hardware device at a time. you disable AIDA from connecting to and / or reading from the Corsair devices, you should be OK ", but it is not normal, could not corsair let other programs like aida64 read its data instead of having to read it from the hardware? that is, if I want to see the RPM of the fans in AIDA64 and have
  7. Good, After trying many configurations and many different ways, they definitely cannot work at the same time aida64 and icue, in aida the only problem is the reading of the RPM of some fan or some temperature sensor, but in "icue", all the fans connected to the comander pro, which are 5 of the tower fail, in the performance tab the fans and the tab itself appear and disappear, which causes the profile of the fans to change and go from relaxed to balanced and imagine that To the extreme because of the noise they make, the question is, as a deactivation option in aida64 so that it does not only
  8. Hola, por alguna razón no pienso en las opciones de uso de la GPU, de hecho, solo puedo configurar la temperatura y los ventiladores de la GPU y su voltaje, ni aparecen las temperaturas de los núcleos de CPU individuales, si la CPU en general , ni la temperatura del carnero . Tengo un asus rog strix x570 y juegos, asus rog strix 2070 super, corsair vengueance RGB pro 3600MHz, con los últimos controladores nvidia y la última BIOS del x570, todo esto en el panel de control. En resumen del sistema veo el 2070 super y en estabilidad tengo todas las opciones de la GPU habilitadas, gracias EDIT
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