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  1. As it is possible to place the animations, AIDA64 does not support GIF. https://forums.aida64.com/topic/667-share-your-sensorpanel/?do=findComment&comment=33221
  2. Why don't these gifs work? As you can see in the images there is a black part, where the gifs are.
  3. This is my first sensor that I make, I hope you like it. The resolution is 1026x600 The file is compressed, I put all the fonts I used. Meu Sensor.rar
  4. Could someone tell me if I can find a tutorial on Youtube teaching how to make these circles, I would love to learn and make mine. I searched and found nothing.
  5. Hello, please could you make this file available.
  6. Someone would have this sensor to download.
  7. I found it very cool, would have how to download it
  8. My keyboard panel Mad Catz Venom Strike 7.
  9. My keyboard panel Mad Catz Venom Strike 7.
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