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  1. Hi all, two days ago, I switched on Pc(i7 7700k) and started aida64 on my cellphone via Remote Sensor, but Cpu Temperature was suddenly missing. On my audio workstation everything is fine(i7 8700). Even in sensor information Cpu Temp is gone. I did new install, tried newest beta, but didnt help. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance Gorgar
  2. Thank you for the detailed answer. Glad to hear, that is not my hardware.
  3. Hi, it started two weeks ago, that I noticed, that all Cpu related Temps where shown wrong in the Bowser. Cpu is mostly 2°- 5°C more than in the programm itself. Cpu Cores are 2°- 10° C difference.It is fluctuating the whole time. HDD's and SSD are shown correctly, PCH and Gpu are ok as well. Voltages are good, too. I build a new Pc with z270 Chipset(i7 7700k) and I had four Mainboards in the last three weeks and on all Mainboards was the same issue. Even when I type localhost on my Pc in Browser, it is the same problem. I tested with Firefox and Chrome. Windows 10 clean install same problem. Is there anything, that I can do? Greetz Gorgar
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