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  1. I'll try again, Fiery. Thing is I did what you said, checked the appropriate items in the right side column, and nothing transferred to the tablet. It just stayed a blank blue screen (but I can see the progress bar attempting to load things.....?)
  2. Fiery, I got into the server page, and the first AIDA screen instructed me to change the resolution to 1024x512 (with my PlayBook.) After I attempted to log in again, the progress bar just gets "stuck" and the site never reloads, although it did the first time, so I don't believe it's a problem with the port or anything similar. It's a newly built machine, no Skype, no wifi, no remote devices. Any ideas? Wrong resolution? (I'm starting from the Google page, entering the IP address as before, and it just gets stuck on that page.) Thanks. UPDATE: Fiery, I got to the screen titled "AIDA64 Remote Sensor" on the PlayBook. The screen is blank (except for the background color I chose) and there is some small text in the upper left corner "GPUI 0.862 V". I have tried to add remote sensors from my main desktop, then the page looks like it's "updating" but no data or text appears. Do I have to download or buy some companion app or am I missing something? Thanks again.
  3. Great. no physical connection at all. I will get started hopefully tonight! Thanks. Gary
  4. Thanks Fiery. The only device I have since I have no need for a tablet is a Blackberry Playbook. How is the data transferred from the remote sensor to the display device? Maybe I can utilize the Playbook? Regards.
  5. Hi, I really like the idea of the external photo frame type monitor, but at least in the U.S. I can't find any of the Samsung DPF's listed as compatible in this forum. I assume they have all been discontinued. Where can I get a compatible 5-8" monitor at around or under $100.00 that would work with Windows 8.1 (and/ or Linux, but that's totally optional.) Thanks. Gary
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