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  1. Didnt had to time to thanks once more. I noticed pretty bit latency spike when oppening aida64, but you sad above its normal on some boards, because of hardware detection.
  2. Only when opening GPU section with GPU in low 2d clocks. When GPU is in video clocks, its normal. I just want to be sure that everything in ok from hardware point.
  3. Now i checked with latency checker, with GPU in low 2d clocks, this is latency it measured. When GPU is in 2d clocks, everything is normal again. Is it normal. http://imageshack.us...a64latency.png/ Sorry for double post.
  4. Thanks very much, it seems everything is ok now. I will see couple of days, and post if there is prob. Thx one more time. Regards
  5. Thx for help, but looks like its even worse. EDIT: Forgot to reset PC, now it looks like its ok. EDIT 2: Looks like now when opening aida64 there is stutter. Any help for that. And how to update, i just copied files from link you gave me to the aida64 install folder, is that ok way?
  6. Hello, every time i open aida64 and try to access gpu section or sensors to check GPU temperature everything stutter, CPU usage go up to 70% and i need to close aida to stop it or wait some time to load GPU section, that only happens when GPU is low 2d clocks. Also if aida64 is open everyother GPU sensor utility stutters, when i close aida64, others utilities works normal (have to verify to be 100% sure). 3d rendering works normal. My specs are. Intel i5 3570K G skill 8GB 2133 MHz 8GB Gigabyte Z77X UD5H Asus Radeon HD 7950 DCII Top Intel 320 160GB SSD I tried following: New Drivers
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