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  1. OK. Thats new "territory" for me. (Dual Xeons), so I didn't think of that kind of situations. I was expecting my system to be faster than a lower Xeon in every possible situation. But as I see now, thats not true. Anyway thanks for your time.
  2. In ZLib Hash Julia Mandel and SinJulia I am faster So that means that these benchmarks are more Core friendly, right?
  3. Hmmm. Strange So I had bad luck that chose 2690 over 2680 (10 cores)? Very weird. Because I know that I get the maximum MHz boost per core for my CPU (3100MHz) Thats why I believe that the 1st case is not possible to be the answer.
  4. I did the change to 20 cores. In Queen I went higher in score 155764 but in PhotoWorxx I went lower 49783 In VP8 I went higher as well 7667 I want to add that in PhotoWorxx that the score when I have 24 cores (the normal ones) is between 50160 - 50400 and I dont why I wrote 56419 yesterday. So the change to 20 cores pushed the score a little downwards.
  5. My PCs spec is the following: Dual Xeon 2690 V3 (2600MHz) 64GB RAM (8x8GB) (2133MHz) ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Corsair 1200W Quadro K4200 (Primary) Titan X As I expected my scores should have been higher than the Dual Xeon 2660 V3. But of course are lower in some benchmarks MINE (Dual Xeon 2690) Dual Xeon 2660 in CPU Queen 120220 147245 in CPU PhotWorxx 56419 62186 in FPU VP8 6045 6650 I have tried many installation of Win 8.1 and Win 10 I have even changed the motherboard to a SuperMicro DAi and I got almost identical results + 1-2% faster due to less lag in memory and plus 1MHz more in Bus Thats it. Why is that? 2 Different motherboards many installations of Windows 8.1 or 10 and still behind the 2660???
  6. My PC spec is Dual Xeon E5 2690 V3 Asus Z10PE-D8 WS 8x8GB Kingston Corsair 1200Watt Gigabyte Titan X Today I install another 4 memory dims (till yesterday I only had 4x8GB RAM) These would make my system run on Quad memory channel. CPU-z correctly detects Quad Channel (till yesterday detected Dual) But in AIDA while I have better scores in the memory benchmarks (almost double score) still says Dual Channel Is this a bug or what?
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