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  1. I have a HP ProBook 4530s. This system's firmware is UEFI and it supports EFI booting (i.e., with a GPT drive, and Windows uses an EFI bootloader). When Windows is installed and boots using EFI, AIDA64 does not display anything for the "DMI BIOS Vendor" and "DMI BIOS Version". Furthermore, it displays an incorrect BIOS date of "09/14/11". On this exact same system with the exact same UEFI, if I use legacy boot (i.e., a drive partitioned with MBR, and Windows uses a regular bootloader), AIDA64 reports the correct information for all three fields--vendor, version (68SRR Ver. F.27), and date. Furthermore, Windows' built-in information tool (msinfo32.exe) does not appear to have this problem; it correctly reports the BIOS vendor, version, and date in both legacy and EFI boot modes.
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