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  1. Ok, I try it today. Keep in mind, I'm just testing the CPU & the motherboard. I'll try to update my results once I've finished to get every bodies opinions or the Administrators. If that's ok.
  2. As soon as started the FPU test, my Temps went way up & the throttling went all the way up.so that mean what? My motherboard is overheating, my CPU is overheating or what? Thanks for any help you can give me. A newbie when it comes to AIDA64.
  3. Well that's my goal today. I should test for how long? Two or three hours. I just have one more question regarding CPU testing. Should I test all cores at once or one at a time? That may sound aZZ question but since I hear why not. Thanks, a newbie when it comes to Aida64.
  4. While Stress Testing my CPU with AIDA64, Should I close other Programs in the back round? The first time I tested my system I had a few programs of such as Corsair Dashboard so I could change the Fan speeds, a youtube streaming Task Manager and a few other things. Will it effect the results or not? Thanks.
  5. Before I start stress-testing, should I close other stress-testing tools like Prime95, IntelBurnTest? I don't need to mention others. I'm just looking for "real world tests".
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