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  1. I was referring to something like a code compare where two entities are ran against each other and what is not identical, missing or moved is pointed out for your analysis.
  2. Nevermind I got it now, I had missed clicked the required columns. But it is not very easy to distinguish the differences. As an example if I looked at all the auto runs, they are all under one column in one string. It is not obvious to find where the values are not identical. I dont see myself doing this to compare 20ish different clients.
  3. Fiery, Thanks for the reply. I tried what you sugested and it works as you described. But let's say as an example, I did a report on two seperate machines to see which Applications are ran at start up. I generate both reports and loaded them in the audit manager but when I use the "List4(Computer)" option I do not see anything related to those programs. All i see if OS version, audio, video and such. I have even selected all available columns available under the preferences. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again.
  4. Good day, I am looking for a software to help me compare discrepencies between multiple clients machines. I have downloaded aida64 entreprise and it seems to fit my needs but I cannot find a way to compare multiple systems against each other in a way that i can easily find what is different from my pool of client machines. Is aida64 capable of doing this, comparing different machine configurations in one "dashboard" view? I don't seem to have found how to do it from the trial version. Can anybody help?
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