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  1. In monday wake up PC from sleep mode and get the message. All HDD was connected, all l could see. When post last time, the PC was waked up from sleep mode too, but this time all HDD was displayed. I just disable Aida working in background. User tired from this message
  2. Hi. Today get message again. Now working Aida64 5.20.3469 Beta. When get message disappeared one of HDD connected by USB3 docking station connected in NEC USB3 board. Now restarted PC and waiting another message and maybe again disappear some HDD or something else.
  3. OK. l'll inform you about the results.
  4. Aida shows sensoring info. I'm using oldest version 4.00.2700
  5. In background working aida. Using computer. The message shows when use Word, some times Firefox. Don't get when it shows.
  6. How l says using Aida64 engineer, l dont get what move must to do to get this message.
  7. Hello, l have Aida64 Engineer and in windows 7 any time get message "Access violation at address 0053FB4E in module "aida64.exe". Read of address 02E1F000". The last 02E1F000 some times get another code 02E11000. Anyone know what is about?
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