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  1. I built my PC a couple days ago. I have: i5 4690k (cm hyper 212 evo cooled) GTX 970 (reference card) 8gb ram I have been gaming on it pretty heavily since I've had it. I feel like I can get more out of the CPU because I did buy an MSI Z97-G45 Motherboard and a 4690k. So I overclocked it to about 4.4ghz with 1.2v I've been running the stress test with aida64 trial and my temps are a bit confusing to me. So Idle I have around High 30's to Low 40's (degrees Celsius) But, with the stress test being running for about 17 minutes now i'm getting Mid to high 60's (66-69) It rarely hits 70 Oh and I don't think my fans are running too fast So are these normal temps? How long should I keep this test going? And should I keep it overclocked? Thanks
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