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  1. So ok? a new dump and a screenshot from aquasuite software with the sensor information. i hope you can handle the german words like "durchfluss" (flow). aquaerodumpnew.txt
  2. Perfect! Then i buy 2 of these sensors one for measuring the flow and one pressure sensor for measuring the filling level Then i dont need the connected flow sensor on the ASXT But i send you the dump however there is a nother one who have this problem
  3. Hey Fiery, thank you for your fast response! I'll send you the dump file here in 2 hours, when im at home from work, another question is, Can aida handle the aquacomputer mps sensors alone without a aquero, only connected via usb? Best regards Pierre
  4. Hello,sorry for my bad english Ich have a Problem with my Sensor Panel I use a Aquastream XT ultra pump. I have connected radiator fan, a external temp sensor and a flow sensor direct to the aquastream xt. In the software "aquasuite" i have the following values: -Water temp -External Water temp -pump-electronic temp -fan rpm -fan voltage -fan speed in % -pump rpm -flow in litre per hour or litre per minute -pump frequenz -pump voltage -pump current But in Aida it shows only the following values: -Water temp -ext. water temp -pump electronic temp -fan rpm -fan voltage -pump rpm -pump current Ist that normal that i dont get the other values? Inspecially i miss the flow sensor But it were nice if the values in aida availble too: -fan speed in % -pump frequenz -pump voltage Best regards Pierre
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