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  1. Oh alright i see, this is my first build with a SSD and i've been slightly out of the loop information wise with modern & current PC tech. (Prev. computer build dated by oh i would say at least 10 years if not longer... lol, Pentium 4 s478 with AGP cards so quite the jump with current pc tech) Thank you for your input it cleared up some of my questions.
  2. Oh thank you, I think i understand better now how and why that apears to be about twice the size of the swap space file now. The page file showed up as 0MB in use as I had just freshly booted my computer, i know certain programs do automaticly start using it though. Accordingly the other night it was using about 300MB in total don't know what the max usage has been though. I know space is reserved for the page file but i thought it was like 'blank space' so when fresh data is wrote to it would be writting to a cell of the ssd and then eventually deleted again when freed up for new use?
  3. Hello, sorry to revive an old topic, I was googling and this popped up... But if anyone is will answer i would like more clarity on this issue myself. If the Swap Space is total virtual memory (Page + Physical RAM) how can Virtual Memory itself be larger? Win 7 Home Premium Aida reports (on my system of course, lol) Total RAM avialable: 8140MB Used: 1806MB Swap Space Avialable: 11210MB Used: 1898MB Virtual Memory: 19351MB Used: 3611MB Page File: 3072MB Current / Peak: 0MB / 0MB If whats said is true 'Swap Space = virtual memory' this makes no sense to me... (Random Other Note:
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