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  1. Perfect!!! The virtual pump flow sensor work. Thank you!!!
  2. I think the flow rate values (at 0.00) corresponds to the external flow sensor (not connect for me). So no display the "virtual" pump flow sensor. Here is the aquaero dump file: aquaerodump.txt
  3. Hi, Very great job!!! Everything works fine (temperature, pressure, pump rotation, fan,...), but the flow rate values don't work (0.00). And, why we can't select the pressure value in sensor panel? Thank you for all (sorry for my bad English)
  4. Hello (Sorry for my bad English ) I use the new Aquastream Ultimate pump. Is it possible to follow the values in Aida? (Water temp, external temp, fan rpm, fan voltage, flow, pressure, pump rpm,...) Best regards Jeremy aquaerodump.txt
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