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  1. 2 feature requests and 1 bug Feature request 1 - Ability to invert a graph so it draws negatively on the -Y axis Feature request 2 - When AIDA64 starts before G-profiler we get an LCD error, any chance of it repolling a couple of times Bug 1 - When you move up or down an LCD item like a graph or sensor item the icon for graph or sensor is left behind Loving the LCD tool, will post my setup when complete
  2. One more issue the keys on a logitech G15 keyboard (4 profile keys above the media buttons) appear to allow me change LCD pages, I can change between LCD pages 2,3 and 4 but dont appear to be able to get back to LCD page 1? on version 3.2.2600 Ignore this, the switch appears to be dying, if i press hard enough it does switch back to page 1
  3. Also is there anyway to change the values being returned ie. network download rate in KB has a decimal point. I want to get rid of the numbers after the decimal point due to the limited space that I have to work with on a g15, any way to do that?
  4. Hi, Wonder if I am missing something. I cant see any difference between the line graph and the area graph in the LCD configuration? Is there any way to have a filled area graph so the area below the line is filled with the same colour (or different colour from the the line)? In the small preview window an area graph does have a grey fill but on a monochrome (old Logitech G15) this isnt visile? Also is there any help / description of what the graph step does? Many Thanks in advance
  5. Want to say thank you, just moving over from LCDstudio to use the LCD tool in aida as it now seems to be on par. Wonder if there is a place were people could post / share there LCD setups???
  6. Thanks Fiery works a treat. Thanks again for the amazing support With the RAID Smart option disabled and the smart low level checks enabled AIDA correctly polls my SSD boot drive but doesnt poll the intel raid so preventing the lag issues. Thanks again Andy
  7. Is there a way to disable AIDA64 from reading the RAID hard drive sensor values. In 1.60 even if I uncheck low-level smart operations (and reboot) it still polls the temperature sensors on the schedule set under hardware monitoring (3600 seconds for me). This is fairly annoying when watching movies, playing games (things that are a longer than an hour) as I notice the lag.... A
  8. Just updated and the lag seems to be less noticeable but is still there. Previously it would lag for nearly a second but is about half that now I think. Thanks for all your efforts on trying to resolve this issue lets hope intel can fix this in the next release. Love the software and the level of support you guys give
  9. I tried disabling the low level smart operations in the preferences / stability but it still reads the temperatures from the drives. Is this supposed to happen? Running 1.50.1236 beta
  10. I have just started experiencing this issue too and my configuration is as follows My setup previously was Asus P5Q-E with Intel set to RAID 1 x OCZ vertex 2 60 Gb drive 3 x Western Digital Black 500GB drives in RAID 0. I never noticed any sort of freezing with this configuration I recently changed my drives over to Asus P5Q-E with Intel set to RAID 1 x OCZ vertex 2 60 Gb drive 2 x Western Digital Black 500GB drives in RAID 1 2 x Samsung F3 1 TB drives in RAID 1 I now get the freezing and stuttering effect every 20 seconds in Windows and not just aida. I have a feeling this
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