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  1. Done. atadump_before_hibernation.txt atadump_after_hibernation.txt smartdump_before_hibernation.txt smartdump_after_hibernation.txt
  2. Hi. Aida64 monitoring cpu, gpu, motherboard, hdd temperatures and shows it me in sensor icons. When my computer returns from hibernation, hdd temperature in sensor icon usually freezes on one value (it shows temperature before hibernation) or it shows big value that not fit in sensor icon . Other sensor icons shows right values. If I restart Aida64 it shows right hdd temperature. Win7 (x86) Aida64 extreme edition 2.60.2100 Motherboard – Asrock G31M-S HDD – Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 (only one in system) p.s. when aida64 hdd sensor icon value is freeze, I run CrystalDiskInfo that show right hdd temperature, some seconds after this, aida64 shows right hdd temperature.
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