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  1. that, i was aware of (the fact that you work for the company) - just didn't thought 'bout the posibility that you could use my email - but true enough thats a simple way to do it. thanks again and have a nive day
  2. it's kinda scary that you just happens to know my licencekey.... but well- thanks ^^
  3. Ah okey, and how am i supposed to take o look on it? well i have licence until 3th of march but i would sure like to upgrade it later (at least the page state that i should insert my licence code). greetings, Baro
  4. Hi, i'm pretty new here and kinda scared to aks my quastion (course i did read some topics about the stuff i want to ask) i just searced the web to find my licence code and found a topic here that say i can find it in pkey.txt (http://forums.aida64.com/topic/730-license/) the Topic startet metitioned that he got a quarter page of numbers and the admin answered he got a pirat version of AIDA64 well i too got a quarter page of numbers there BUT i legitimate bought a licence and i still have the transaction data on my bank-account (something 'bout SICONTAC­TIT for 28.56€) so i'm kinda confused right now... greetings from germany, Baro
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