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  1. Thanks, I tried to disable these to options, problem solved. But what function will be disabled when disabling these two options?
  2. Hi, In my Windows XP system, I use uniata driver to drive some unknown SATA&AHCI controllers. Here is the official page of uniata: http://alter.org.ua/en/soft/win/uni_ata/ But I found on some AHCI controller computers, when using uniata driver, system is Windows XP AIDA64 will hang at showing welcome screen, when the bottom left corner shows progress text "AIDA64" Why this? Can your engineers solve this problem? Or who can post this problem to forum of uniata? http://habrahabr.ru/post/149032/ I can not speak Russian.
  3. Hello, In some cases, a computer's BIOS date is incrrect, for example, the BIOS setting is reset, the date is too early(20040101) , Then I open AIDA64(registrated yesterday), the software displays the license info is incrrect. It is very bad in recycling computers. Now I am at a loss about it......... Please repair it........ Sorry for bad Engish!
  4. I want to make a single file SFX AIDA64 only for WinXP,and I want to clean the useless file。 I found the file "aida64.mem" is confusing。。。。。。 Who can tell me the "aida64.mem" do what? Thanks a lot!!!
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