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  1. Hi, i just found out the 50% discount for students, does it apply to israel too? My student card is in hebrew (i think it has my name in english tho, need to check), im a software engineer student. Does using this discount changes the features im entitled to if i buy the extreme license? I want the 3 years, does it give me the same feature as without a student discount? And if i renew after that (won’t be a student anymore) will i be able to renew the license (for full price)? Or can it only be renewed as long as im a student? i dont want to use the student discount if it will
  2. so.. will it not detect the card or just show temps as 0? will it be able to provide any info at all? and btw i buy a new parts for my pc (processor, memory, motherboard, gpu etc.) every 3-4 years when mine starts to be outdated, so yea it might be a good idea to sub after 3-4 years for 1 year and then get to another 3-4 years break.
  3. so basically i cannot advance with my computer parts without keeping the renewal of aida64's subscription? what's the point of keep using an old version if it is dependent on updates? its like buying an anti virus and keep using it after a year without updates.
  4. Lets say that i buy a copy with 1 year of updates, a while after a new gpu gets out, lets call it Nvidia X, which went out to the market after the aida64 has finished its free updating period. will aida64 still support new products or will every product released after its current version won't work properly? (i.e 0c at temperature or stuff like that). i really want to know.
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