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  1. Is it possible to convert the map into a live image? it has download image supported
  2. yes i have a g19 and i think if possible be able to embed via a url because the site that i want like i said before it's for a game it gives you a live map of where you are you put the server ip and it shows your location i tried downloading the html but it tells me ERROR: Invalid domain for site key http://map.playrust.io/? So if possible i think both options 2 and one where you have an option to embed via url. if possible
  3. Hey i'll private message you.
  4. Hi, If possible both options i'd toggle between them see which i like best but i would just take the map of the html and and just leave the map in the site. i checked everything can't find anything like embedd or anything html.
  5. I'm trying to display a website to my lcd screen i tried converting the html to image but doesn't work is there anyway aida64 could bring html in the future?
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