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  1. I have recently updated my main system, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 (both on the old and new systems). Aida64 ran/runs fine and gave/gives sensible results on both systems. However, on the new system (Asus Maximus V Motherboard with Intel i7-2700K and 32 Mb Corsair Vengeance Memory), putting the system to sleep appears to kill Aida64 - when the system is woken up again, the utility is not running (but can be restarted in the normal way). Aida64 is one of two programs which exhibits this behavior, the other being the monitor utility for my home network's email server (VPOP3). I therefore don't think it is an Aida64 bug, in a strict sense, but I wonder if anyone can suggest what may be going on, and/or how to fix it.
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