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  1. Hi, AIDA64 isn't detecting 360 Total Security. I have the latest version of AIDA64 and the anti-malware 360 TS is also up to date Please check the screenshot for details
  2. Thanks. The updated version detects it.
  3. Thanks. I will wait for the update.
  4. Partha

    Add Temperature Monitoring

    That's really sad. I hope they at least have some plans to make this possible in the future.
  5. Partha

    Add Temperature Monitoring

    Is there any update on this?
  6. The latest version of AIDA64 is detecting my AMD FX-6300 processor as a 2x TripleCore processor. It's actually a six-core processor and am not sure if the 2x triple core implies 6 cores. ​If however I select CPU, there it shows the six cores. Is this normal? ​Please check the attached screenshots
  7. Hi, I just noticed that AIDA64 isn't detecting the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security on my Windows 10 Pro I have the latest stable version of AIDA64 that was released yesterday and the version of KIS is (e) as you can see in the attached screenshot
  8. It's detecting it now. Thanks.
  9. All right. That's nice to know. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am using the latest beta version of AIDA64 which is version 5.60.3739 and it's not detecting the antivirus software Bitdefender Total Security 2016 I've attached a screenshot just in case. I will wait for a response. Thanks!
  11. You're welcome. So would you say that failing to manage those registry entries could be a concern? If you think so, I can follow up with the Bitdefender support about it.
  12. It works with the latest version. Cheers! So what was the issue..?
  13. Hi, I just uninstalled Bitdedender and reinstalled it from scratch and saw that AIDA64 was able to detect it but, this was short-lived. I updated its virus definitions and rebooted the system because the update required a restart and since the restart, AIDA64 has not been able to detect the software. I also noticed that after I had just installed the antivirus, it said "Bitdefender TOTAL SECURITY 2016" at the top of its interface and this is when AIDA64 was able to detect it, but since the reboot, it says "Bitdefender TOTAL SECURITY 2016 NOT FOR RESALE" The "NOT FOR RESALE" part is reserved for their promotional giveaways
  14. It was a clean installation.
  15. It is Windows 10 64 bit and it is activated. I used to have all the latest updates and then some corruptions occurred which led me to format my primary disk and reinstall Windows 10 I currently do not have the November update installed yet which Microsoft calls a major one. just in case you want to know about this update - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/windows-10/windows-update-faq
  16. Partha

    Let's use the term anti-malware instead

    you are welcome. Wish everyone a Happy New Year
  17. Instead of Anti-Virus, Anti-Trojan and Anti-Spyware, the term Anti-malware would be more precise because most of the security software that are used in computers, try to protect against all kinds of malware and not just viruses alone Malware comprises of trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, ransomware and all other malicious software and so it's better to use the term anti-malware instead AIDA64 detects eScan Total Security as an anti-virus but not as an anti-trojan or an anti-spyware whereas actually it is an anti-malware and therefore, it acts as an anti-trojan and an anti-spyware too It detects K7 Ultimate Security and Kaspersky Internet Security just as anti-viruses too but like I said, they are not just anti-virus software but complete anti-malware just like eScan is It will be a nice idea to club all these subcategories under anti-malware So I was basically thinking of an option called anti-malware which could be hyperlinked and once clicked, it should bring up those subcategories For instance, if I install Kaspersky Internet Security and I click the anti-malware hyperlink in AIDA64, here's what I should see Anti-Trojan - Kaspersky Internet Security Anti-Virus - Kaspersky Internet Security Anti-Spyware - Kaspersky Internet Security Similarly if I install just an anti-spyware, the same subcategories should appear but this time, the name of the anti-spyware should show up only for anti-spyware and not the other ones as illustrated below Anti-Trojan - Blank Anti-Virus - Blank Anti-Spyware - name of the anti-spyware If both the anti-malware and anti-spyware are installed on the same computer, it should look like this Anti-Trojan - name of the anti-malware Anti-Virus - name of the anti-malware Anti-Spyware - name of the anti-spyware & name of the anti-malware I hope you get the point
  18. I was thinking if a functionality can be incorporated which would help identify all the devices in the same wireless network. One of the tools that comes to mind is NirSoft's Wireless Network Watcher which can be used for this purpose. This feature will definitely be a great add-on for AIDA64.
  19. Partha

    Let's use the term anti-malware instead

    I understand. Thanks for letting me know. By the way, I wish you and your close ones a belated Merry Christmas!