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  1. Hoping to get some further assistance on this issue. I also opened a support ticket before I started this thread and haven't yet received a response.
  2. I am installing the software as an administrator and have UAC turned off. The file permissions on AIDA64.exe have not been modified from the defaults and upon checking, grant both local Administrators and SYSTEM 'Full Control' permissions. Based on that, I don't think the installer's failure to replace this file is due to permissions. Since I have AIDA64 v5.99.4900 installed via the installer, it seems like a bad idea to download the v6.00.5100 portable and extract those files into the currently installed folder. Although the AIDA64.exe will be replaced, I'll be left with Windows refle
  3. I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) and attempting to upgrade from v5.99.4900 to v6.00.5100 and getting the error message below... I've been running AIDA64 Extreme for years and done numerous upgrades without issue. AIDA64 is closed and during the installation attempt. I have rebooted and retried with the same results. I'm sure uninstalling the current version and installing v6.00.5100 fresh would work but I'd rather not do that and lose my settings. Plus, without knowing why I'm getting the error message, I'm concerned about future upgrades. Anyone else seeing this
  4. There is one fan on the GPU (NVIDIA GTX 960) that AIDA64 detects. It runs around 1300 RPM. The other fan is for the radiator. It runs between 800-1000 RPM. The only other fan in the computer is the one inside the power supply.
  5. Well, sad to say, the HP forum "volunteer" made it clear he is a volunteer and told me to contact HP support. Re: HP ENVY Phoenix Fan, Temperature, and Voltage Monitoring Unless you have a contact at HP, I think I've gone as far as I can go. Last month, trying to wade through HP support just to get a noisy fan replaced under warranty was a nightmare. I wouldn't even know where to start to try and get the information you need.
  6. I posted again on the thread I opened on HP's forums. I'm trying to get a contact from them...
  7. I took 17 pictures of the system board. I had to leave the water cooler lines attached but I removed as many components and wiring as I could. The pictures are not all that great but maybe they can help some. I sent you a PM with the link to the .ZIP file. I will also post in the thread on the HP forums asking for an update. Thanks for all of your help and willingness to work with HP. You're right...they are a monstrosity.
  8. I posted this to the HP Forums. We'll have to see if HP follows through or not.
  9. OK, I'll see what I can get. Would a picture of the motherboard help?
  10. Every other program I have tried has been a bust. AIDA64 Extreme seemed the most promising. Since we were not able to get the data you needed, can you tell me what kind of information I should request from HP? I'm not sure how far I'll get with HP but I'd like to at least try. I have some details on the motherboard and BIOS but I'm not sure what you need.
  11. Wow, thanks for the quick response. I attached the two requested files. Please let me know if you need me to send anything else. isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  12. I just purchased two HP ENVY Phoenix 850-065se desktops along with two copies of AIDA64 Extreme. AIDA64 Extreme is not discovering all of the sensors and fans. For example, these are liquid cooled (from the factory) and AIDA64 is not detecting the fan for that. There also is no case temperature sensor being detected. Is there a process to get new hardware added to the AIDA64 discovery database? Here is the link to the hardware and config specs on HP's site...http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04741533
  13. I just purchased two copied of AIDA64 Extreme. The link from within the application points to http://www.aida64.co.uk/download?cat=manuals to obtain the current documentation. The user manual from that page is dated 07/30/14 and appears to correlate to v4.60.3100. There have been six more releases since then but no newer user manual. The concern I have is that some of the dialogs I'm trying to learn more about have more (or different) options than what's in the user manual. Are there plans for an updated user manual release in the near future?
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