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  1. I really appreciate your help. I did a full 24 hour test and it passed no problem at 4.8GHz at 1.376v. Could probably get 4.9GHz if I gave it more voltage, but I'm happy where it is now. Thanks again! 1 question though. Is it normal for sometimes a core to reach 90+ degrees with Aida64? I mean this is nowhere near the average temperature, but it is the max. I'm running Aida64 with my friend's 4790K and it seems to be getting up around 90c
  2. I took your advice and lowered the clock speed to 4.8GHz. Been running Aida64 now for about 9 hours now and no issues. Temperatures have dropped about 5 degrees on the hottest core, even though its running at the same voltage. About how long would you recommend I let it continue running to confirm stability? I've read where people recommend a full 24 hours.
  3. So after 5 hours and 10 minutes running a system stability test, I thought it was stable. Then I looked at my screen again and I got a message Hardware Failure Detected on a red background.The test stopped. Max temperature on a single core was 90 degrees. Average was close to 70. Can anyone tell me what went wrong? I can give more information if needed. I'm using the latest version of Aida64. Thanks! Specs - 6700K at 4.9GHz, Maximus VIII Hero motherboard, 32GB RAM, H110i GTX CPU cooler. 6700K voltage - 1.376
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