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  1. Thank you, Fiery, for the reply and for considering this. For my technical understanding, this should be solvable within the instance of the widget. But of course, I don't know how this is realised in AIDA64.
  2. I would love to have an option for the bar widget where i can state a timespan (in seconds) for which it will leave the last stripe on to indicate the maximum sensor value of that timespan. That would look much like an audio VU-Meter with a configurable delay period. A value of "0" could be used for a session maximum indicator (i.e. the maximum value since start of the AIDA64 monitoring task). Too bad that Christmas is just over...
  3. Just want to say: "Thank you!" for adding Corsair AXi Support in Version 5.60.3720. Much appreciated and awaited for a long time. Works perfekt for me and it is really helpful to have this data now at hands in the event of a system crash/instability.
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