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  1. ok i go in city for 30 mn see you

  2. ho i ask to you when you send a email with my phone+ 33628233098 send mme sms 8

  3. yes thhere is 30 mn i try wwith gmail and you say no

  4. ok my friend but i take gmail or other ?email and curent password

  5. HE ho there iss some one ? i know we heating fromage,but i m far it s impossible you can smelt? please if a boss of boss read my prayer,please help me, you say they want my adresse mail i give ,and 1 mn past ,a message say to me no you don t no???

  6. i dont understant any thing this morning a give you a email with my name with paris ,you say yo me non but i look just now the profil ,but that s me;;;;;;;

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    2. Thierry Baulon

      Thierry Baulon

      you k i have 2 profil ,immagine ,just with one its dificult ,yes i have a very good english ,so i give 2 translate i joke

    3. Thierry Baulon

      Thierry Baulon

      fabulous i talk alone

    4. Thierry Baulon

      Thierry Baulon

      NO seriouly ,if i can ???? i want to know if you can help me because since yesterday ,the hp be come

      nervous ?no psycomaniac

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