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  1. Well, I will try with those settings and see if there is going to be some improvement, if those setting will work with my modules. Thanks mate for your help.
  2. Are you sure?Latency and writing speed seems quite low considering benchmarks made by others with almost the same spec.
  3. Hi there, I have one problem and I think you guys/girls can help me out with it. My "Cache and memory benchmark" results are low, at least I think they are low,especially "write speed" and latency. I tried changing timings, voltage and nothing helped. Default timings are 13-11-10-30 CR1.With 10-10-10-28 CR1 I managed to lower the latency for a bit and that's it. Please, if you can, help. Thank you in advance. I forgot to write modules name: Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz 3x8Gb
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