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  1. Is it possible to monitor the battery percentage of my wireless headphones? I've been using AIDA64 on my STRIKE7 keyboards LCD for ages now, but never thought to add this item, if it's at all possible.
  2. Ok, thanks Fiery. I had seen the issue reported in a few other posts, but they were from a while ago, so I wasn't sure if any progress had been made.
  3. Hello, I have been using AIDA64 for ages now and I really love it. I recently upgraded my PC, which is now running Windows 10 and bought myself a STRIKE 7 keyboard (I had previously used a G19). I've got AIDA64 setup on the STRIKE 7 keyboard's LCD screen, but it frequently crashes. And I don't just mean it closes, I mean AIDA64 is no longer available to select on the LCD screen. Very occasionally, AIDA64 itself actually crashes and I need to relaunch the program. The only way I have found to re-add AIDA64 to the LCD screen is to unplug the keyboard's power and USB, then plug them both back in and restart AIDA64. So, firstly, is there any reason why this is happening? And secondly, is there an easier way to "reinitialise" AIDA64 on the STRIKE 7 LCD screen? Cheers, Alachas
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