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  1. I will wait without problems, thanks a lot for the attention!
  2. Hi all, I'm using SIV (from three years, now) to control my Corsair Link Hardware with optimal results(!) and now I discovered the possibility to run AIDA64 together to show the changes, now my system is really fine! THANKS to AIDA64 stuff !!! My Corsair hardware (all perfectly controlled) is: 1x HX1000i, 2x Corsair Commander Mini, 1x Lightning Node, 1x H100 (that control 4 fan of 8 in my cooling water system + 1 pump + 1 thermal sensor in the water loop, I've detached the PCB unit and utilized to control the fans and the pump). Now my question is: Will be possible to write the names only o
  3. THANKS! Is Gigabyte GA990FXA-UD7 rev.1.0 All is reported correctly. The only thing is this temperature and (perhaps) some unknow information reported for the NVME Samsung 950 Pro. I've attached a report generated this morning.
  4. Ok, but what do you mean with "not utilized on your motherboard"? Just to talk: this 3rd temperature is the (perhaps?) "most" important for this Gigabyte board (and also other same series, of course as UD5 and UD3), because is the ONLY real sensor under the CPU socket! By the way the AMD FX series don't have a thermal sensor inside the CPU (but you know this) and AMD calculate the "thermal margin" with the CPU voltage!!! so you can understand how is important this sensor for "AMD FX" & "Gigabyte motherboard" for overclockers and not only. But i can live also without this reported by AID
  5. I'm not sure, of course , if the IT8720F is capable or not, sorry. I've installed HWMonitor and testing. I've attached a picture. Thanks for all!
  6. THANKS! I will wait with patience. In the meantime, i noted also that a Temperature is missing, and is really important for AMD FX processors on Gigabyte motherboards, is the Socket temperature (the only probe near the CPU). I've take a picture to compare and explain. Hope this help. Lic Note: I've write a typo in the title "Corsaire" instead of "Corsair", how I can correct?
  7. Hi, I noted (in my configuration), running SIV and AIDA64 together, that AIDA64 only show 2 of the 4 fan of my Corsair H100. I've attached a picture to show what happen. Thanks for the attention and compliments for the good work! Lic
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