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  1. Thank you. I overwrited the files and will monitor the sensors names for the next days
  2. Thanks ! However, since I have the installed/setup version, how would I install the Beta version ? Is it safe to simply paste all the beta files over the ones in Programs Files ?
  3. Wow I'm sorry for this, but you can forget about the whole G13 buttons request. I don't know what I did, but the buttons/keys are working properly now. AIDA64 still impresses me !! Now, I still wonder about these sensors names changing names ...
  4. Hi all, I've been using AIDA64 Extreme for few months now, since I bought it at 50% off around Black Friday. For the past days, I've been configuring a nice template for the LCD on my G13 gaming keyboard. The template actually has 3 pages and I can make the pages switch automatically using AIDA64's option, but I would like to know if I could use my G13 keys under the LCD. The G13 has 4 keys/buttons under the LCD that are used for the LCD (cannot be use in-game). Previously, I was using LCDHost and it was able to use the keys to switch between displays. But AIDA64 doesn't seem to have that option and pressing the keys doesn't do anything on the LCD or in AIDA64. I believe this is implemented on the G15/G19 where it has physical buttons as well...could this be implemented for the G13 ? If the mechanic of page switching using buttons is already implemented, it might just be a matter of registering the correct input value. Since the G13 has 4 buttons under the LCD, each button could be use for each pages. Secondly, I had a weird issue yesterday. As I was mentionning, for the past days I've been configuring a LCD template for my G13. Yesterday night however, after a reboot, many sensors values were displaying 0 on the LCD. After looking at the settings of the template, I noticed that some of the sensors names that I was using the night before were change. As an exemple, the rear fan header was displaying as CPU_OPT the night before (which is correct, because it is in the CPU_OPT header), but yesterday it was CHASSIS in AIDA64. The LCD was therefore displaying 0 because it was looking for a CPU_OPT fan sensor and it does not exist anymore. There were actually 3 fans sensors, 2 voltage sensors and 2 temperature sensors that had their name changed last night. Speedfan did not have any issues with any of these sensors and was displaying properly everything. Only AIDA64 got their name changed and I therefore had to change it on my templates. The only thing I can think of is that I installed the new AMD Radeon 16.3 drivers last night then rebooted. It shouldn't however affect the sensors on the motherboard, as I am using an Intel chipset...any comments on this weird behavior ? Thanks and keep up the great work Neo.
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