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  1. thanks i copy past your link aida64 beta and use your link and restart but stil in aida64 preference /lcd/ enable logitech lcd g15/g19 get error ;cannot load dll LgLcdApi i notis when i select my mouse richt klick over the icon taskbar on aida64 icon i get on my LCD screen a message profile activaded aida64 ok ok i try and try. its working nou i also uninstal the logitech keboard drivers and re instal it ,and restart the cpu.after loading all things and i get finely on screen display the message aida64 in bleu back round ...nice thank you .good work.
  2. hi i m new from holland so i try to exsplane my problem. maby there is already a topic. i use a logitech g19 s and of cors i instal aida64 v 560 3700 using win 10 for the first time i get a error: cannot load DLL lglcdapi .when i enable logitech LCD support in Aida64. i didn't have this issu befor ,in win 7. i realy want to fix, but i need help
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