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  1. does the stable version contain the asetek sensor support yet?
  2. Thank you! I must be blind as it is right there in plain sight, haha but I had the sensor panel disabled for the last how many days cuz any communication to the sensors caused the fan speed issues, all good now thanks to Fiery!
  3. Perfect! Thank You Keep up the good work, love this program!! Will the next stable update then have all these beta tweak fixes in then?
  4. Working perfect now, is this only available in portable? I just entered my key into the beta and works fine. Also is there any way I can get the way I had the sensor panel and items I had in it in the stable version to the beta version, like move a config file so I don't have to redo redo the sensor panel items? Thanks
  5. yep there is a pump #1 as well, I tried to uncheck corsair link sensor support in preferences, stability to see if it would not support the corsair link and it still collides, maybe I can just go back to before the update if you still have that available for download and not do the update till it fully supports it. Thanks
  6. It was working just fine before the update, what would change? And do you have any idea what that temperature #1 is? it is showing then will disappear then pop back up again, would a dump help you with that? I believe that temp #1 might be water temp as it is matching exactly what my corsair link water temp is, if we could get rid of that from detecting that we may be ok, because before the update aida64 was not detecting the water temp.
  7. I just closed corsair Link and went to the sensor page and all is good, I don't know what I would set the asterik fan speed to since corsair link varies the fan speed due to temps, Like if I set to 60% I don't want it to just stay at that, sometimes I put it on say balanced, quiet or performance depending on what I am doing. Corsair link had an update a week or 2 before aida64 but on the previous version of aida64 all was good with the new update. I tried various settings and even setting asterik to 100% and the fans go to 100% and slow way down speed back up, as long as I stay out of the sens
  8. I found the issue, I have been using the sensor panel to show on my desktop, I decided to disable that just to see and everything is working as it should now, fans are back to normal. Any reason why this could be causing an issue? Scratch that as soon as went into computer then sensor its acting up again, seems as though when I go into the sensor page or have the sensor panel monitoring is when the issue happens. Also have a new temp showing up as temperature #1 that has never been there before, it stays for a while then disappears then pops back up again
  9. The latest update on 3-21-2016 is causing my fans on my H100i-GTX to slowdown and speed back up. I have tried a few things, I went to stability and checked corsair link support and that didn't fix and I also tried in hardware monitoring to set asetek fan speed to 100%, that does take it to 100% but the fans still speed up and slow down. For now I just close aida64 and all is good, somehow aida64 is trying to control the fan speed or something in this new update, all was good before. I may also add when I do a cache and memory benchmark it stops doing that and fans on the H100i-GTX run normal,
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